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..kick the booze first.IMO..

..the smokes maybe will go,later..but (hey!) happy..that helps..
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I've never seen anybody wreck their car, lose their job, cheat on their spouse, or spend an entire day laying in bed throwing up from smoking cigarettes. I don't smoke but if I did I think I'd address the drinking/drugging problem first and attack cigarettes at a time I was comfortable. JMHO.
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The thought of quitting smoking hasn't even crossed my mind since I accepted my problem with drinking. I have enough on my plate right now.
I will deal with it, though. Just not right now!
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Hey LMW,

When I was in rehab last year, I smoked like a train going nowhere.....I felt like if I had to give up drinking/drugging, I needed something rebellious, Dang it!!

13 days ago, I quit everything.....the drinking/drugging and the smoking plus I am not on ANY anti-depressants, no camprol, no anxiety meds AND I am feeling better then ever!! How can this be? In rehab, they had me pumped full of meds.......I truly BELIEVE in my heart and soul that I am ready to stop and stay stopped this time!!

I don't understand folks that point out the wrongs (in their mind) of others .....I just think it takes the focus off of them and what they are not doing right!! Must give them some sort of reward!! IDK......

Keep on doing what your's working!!

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Originally Posted by mirage View Post
The thought of quitting smoking hasn't even crossed my mind since I accepted my problem with drinking. I have enough on my plate right now.
I will deal with it, though. Just not right now!
Exactly! Thank you! And thank you to everyone else who shared their opinions on this (even the ones I don't necessarily agree with.) I am open to hearing it all.
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Having battled nicotine addiction almost my whole life (I was essentially born addicted to nicotine as my mother smoked her whole pregnancy) I have strong feelings on cigarettes and how they relate to recovery and sobriety. For me being addicted to nicotine was the strongest physical and mental addiction I ever experienced in my life and apart from tapping a vein, I more or less did everything at least once, usually more and was a very heavy drinker for a long time. Keeping in mind that cigarettes killed AA founder Bill W, my feeling is that smoking is actually one of the worst things a person can do to themselves on so many levels. I believe that while striving for sobriety and/or recovery, the LAST thing a person needs is an active addiction to a drug, and nicotine is a mind altering, mood altering, addictive drug. IMO, such a person should at least be trying to clear their mind and body of all addictions during this process. That being said, to each his or her own and I am not one to judge anyone but myself. I have my own issues, but thankfully... active, accepted addiction to nicotine is not currently one of them.
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Each to his own as others have stated. I quit smoking 5 years ago, best thing I ever did (and not as tough for me as I thought) but hey we're all different and someone feels 'better' to smoke in early recovery then more power them. My 2 pence (cents)
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