Hey, been reading alot...

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Hey, been reading alot...

Hi i'm Shaun and have an alcohol problem, daily now since my wife and I broke up March last year after 8 years. I just turned 28 and got into the clubbing scene. Thought more girls would help, nope.

Lost my wife, house 200sx (s15) car, job my black Lab all at once and had to move back to my parents. We have always got along now i'm living with them we fight and I drink... I hate it so much but cant stop and I was a personal trainer, so I know nutrition.

Can barely get out of bed atm due to the alcohol and depression. In a couple of weeks i'm going to a detox place for 7 days (then what?). I will feel great and want to party. Looking into Teen Challenge but I don't know. I miss my wife too much and feel i'm, too old for another chick (even though im blonde and only 28). Depressed I spose. I'm a little drunk know but can express my feelings more I guess.

Sorry for the rant,
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Welcome Shaun. I drank to remove the loneliness and bad feelings, but it never worked for long. In recovery I have found a way to live a wonderful life, I hope you are ready to give sobriety a chance.
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Hi Shaun, And welcome aboard the SR Cruise ..

You asked what next after detox .. there are soooo many things . First and most importantly , you find a program of recovery thats suited to you . For many its AA . but there are many other alternitive programs . Maybe look into where they are time schedules etc . so when you do walk out the doors of detox , You can walk into the doors of a meeting . Instead of a club . cuz the feeling of ooh i got this i can walkin to the club is just an action the brain will lay thick on you .
You can meet some wonderful ppl in the rooms , they have all sorta of things going on that dont involve drinkin . And maybe seeing a specialist for your depression cant hurt as well . I wish will . and were glad you here , keep posting ~ huggles Endzy ~
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Welcome fellow Aussie, there are loads of things to help you when you get out, Endzy mentioned alot of them!

Hang in there and keep posting and coming back here, good luck on your journey
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Hi Shaun

I'm an Aussie too.
Pretty much the 'now what' for me was to stop drinking.

Until I wanted to do that - really quit and really accept that I couldn;t drink like everyone else - not just 'control' my drinking - I was just spinning my wheels. I did that for 20 years...

That's what it took for me - that commitment, and a lot of support - SR is great for that for me

Have you thought of face to face support like AA or counselling?
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Hi Shaun,


I'm glad you're going into detox and you can choose to continue in recovery and have a good life.
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Hi Shaun and welcome

Far from being too old, once you recover you will find that your life is just beginning.
Keep in touch
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome to SR....
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Hi Shaun, welcome to SR. I used alcohol as an escape to every little problem I faced. I never thought I could go through any stressful situation without drinking. The day came when I had to accept that drinking never solved a problem, was not longer fun, and was my own personal hell. I have learned that there is nothing life can throw at me worth drinking over. I have had my wife of 13 yrs have an affair, divorce me, and marry the man she had the affair with. I've had to hold my children and cry with them over their little worlds crashing down because their parents were no longer together. By the grace of God and the principals I've learned in AA I did not have to resort to my old way of dealing with problems. It is possible, there are many, many people who have done it. You can if you want it bad enough.
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Thanks everyone I'm going into detox on Friday actually to get off the alcohol and benzos (prescribed). Kinda loooking forward to it and really scared at the same time. I just know I'm going to be so sick.
Also im not sure what to do after the detox (any suggestions). I could either get another job and do different programs or go into a long term rehab (Teen Challenge), not sure yet I guess I'll talk to the people at detox.
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Hi Shaun, good luck with detox. Perhaps the answer on "what next?" will be clearer when the booze and drugs are out of your system.

Let us know how you get on.
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