My first real test on day 11

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My first real test on day 11

Guys night out going to a sporting event with my father, son, cousin, uncle, and son. We were going to dinner before hand (didn't really know where) and we walk into a sports bar.

Had to wait for an hour for a table so we stood around the bar. I think I am the only one with a problem of the group since everyone but my son (8) and I had one beer, but the booze was flowing all around me!!!

I did feel a bit uncomfortable, but just had a diet soda and and enjoyed the conversation. I was a bit nervous for this day, since I didn't know what to expect. Lots of beer flowing at the arena too. For me, just diet soda and shared some twizzlers with my son.

BetterDad 1
Alcohol 0

This site does give me comfort and sound advice. Last night was also the first time I told anyone but my wife that I don't drink anymore. Really, no one cared that I didn't have a beer in my hand.

I feel before I quit that I had picked a road that lead to bad things. I now believe I have backtracked from that road and starting to walk down a better path. I recognize this is still very early for me, but I am a happier person already and hope I continue down this better road and never take another step down that dark road.
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Good job on passing the test.
I am a bit jealous of you to be honest.
I am on an OS (obvious sweets) free sprint and Twizzlers are one of my favorite sweets.
I went to the movies last night and a trip to the movies always included smuggled Twizzlers.
But I digress.
You must be happy to be on the right path now. Although it is something we rarely consider I am sure your young son will notice and like the difference too.
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Good going, BetterDad!
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Congratulations, that's a great achievement. Thanks for sharing.
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Not quite the same but...

My wife and I went out for the first time in nine months as a couple Fri night. It was actually a bit awkward in that we worried most of the time about being away from the kids and, well, we just hadn't been alone in ages. She had her first cocktail in well over a year (pregnant for 9 months of it) and I had no interest. Sparkling glasses, liquor catching the low light and shimmering...I simply had no interest.

We shared some wine with dinner and I was happy with what I had and where I stopped. It would have been as simple as asking the waitress for more or coming home and digging into a bottle here but I simply did not have the urge. That's not to say that I'm repaired now and won't be broken again. I'm just thankful for these singular moments, the here and now, of learning more about myself and my bad habits and how to live a more sober and real life. I'm really trying to be and appreciating being mindful and aware of my life.

Thanks to everyone who's offered kind comments and advice.
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Hey BetterDad, sounds like you made some REAL progress!! Congratulations!!

Isn't it amazing how much thought we put into how everyone is going to react to OUR not drinking? I have found that other folks really don't care, seems like I still worry tho!! I guess cuz it is so foreign to me!!

So, I bet your son had an wonderful time with his Dad's full attention!!
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