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I just saw a commercial for the show - turns out it doesn't start in Canada until January 24th
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You can watch it online, the link is in my earlier post on this thread.
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Originally Posted by Anna View Post
And, Mindy McCready is playing the blame game.
Dang, that's who Mindy is??!! I missed the first half hour. I used to work in radio an met her when she was just an up and comer. Guess it's gone full circle now. As much crap as they get, it really isn't easy to be a "celeb". It happens to many by chance and they just aren't ready to deal with what comes with it, and even those who seek it out often can't deal with the temptations and pressure.

Gotta say, that show is definately a "guilty" pleasure of mine!!! Kinda sad in a way though.
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getting there
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I love this show and I always watch it... I'm always amazed by the people that go into a residential rehab program and then insist they don't have a drug or alcohol problem. It makes no sense to me!

I really like Lisa from Top Model, Mike Starr, and, against my better judgment, Heidi Fleiss. I do hope Lisa recognizes she has a problem. I think Dennis is really going to annoy me - that home video they had of him propositioning those girls was so obnoxious, and then he insists he doesn't even need to be there.

Isn't Kari Ann Peniche supposed to be on this season too? She was on Sex Rehab recently and was a total embarassment to my home state, so I'm hoping she can redeem herself. Her behavior on that show would be much more understandable if it was due to a drug addiction or withdrawal.

The next episode should be interesting as they all start to detox. I can't wait!
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watched this last night. was struck by how much more "extreme" this season seems to be, over previous shows. what i mean is it's like....more sensational it seems. hmm, need better ratings? or just luck of the draw based on who is there?

i was very impressed with mackenzie - someone said earlier they thought that mike starr was the only one seriously wants to get better, but i thought that mackenzie qualified. she spoke about always being able to get something out of the experience, like there is always more to learn. right on. i just think she seems to have a grip. of course, she was not tanked when she got there like all (i think) of the others were.

dennis completely disgusted me. i turned my head most of the time that he was on the screen. omg what a mess i wonder if there ever was a decent person inside of him.
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Yes, sweet little Kari Ann will be coming along, with Tom Sizemore, who looks to be a complete mess. I hate to say this, but I think it's good that they look so crappy. People need to see how this disease can and will effect your body.

I would absolutely love to be in a group with Dennis Rodman and just call him on all of his BS. He truly thinks he's better than everyone else there. Of course his behavior is really just hiding an insecure, frightened person. He doesn't want to admit he has a drinking problem, like most of us didn't at one time or another.

This season does seem to have some people who are in really bad shape. Sure, there's Mackenzie Phillips who says she's been C & S now for something like 8 months, but I wonder if she's abusing prescription meds and isn't considering those using. (How can I say this? Because my DOC is opiates and I thought because they were prescriptions, it was ok.)She mentions that she has a pain condition and doctors told her she'd be on opiates for the rest of her life.

Mindy Macready (sic) is definately playing the blame game. I know I did that too! I blamed my job, my spouse, my family, the weather, the direction the wind was blowing in, etc.

Did you blame others for you using and abusing chemicals?

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I've never seen this show before or even heard of it.
Thanks for the link!

Watched it last night over the internet. Enjoyable way to spend a sober Friday evening. Looking forward to the next episode.

Watched some of last years episodes too, with Gary Busey and Steven Adler (original G&N drummer). Wow.....Busey figures he's in rehab as a guest to be a 'Mentor' to the sad its funny
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