Hi everyone

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Hi everyone

Happy new year. I relapsed after being 7 months sober this week. I don't feel guilty, or remorseful, but I have the sense not to drink ever again.
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Hi Eddie. I wondered where you'd gotten to mate!! Good to see you back!

I take it that it weren't all that great then?

peace x
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Sorry to hear you drank Eddie, but I hope you keep to your new commitment
Good to see you - welcome back

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Hi Eddie.
Good to see you back here.
It sounds like your time out didn't really do much damage and it is good to see your common sense prevail.
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Those 7 months are not lost or wasted. That time means something. It shows your determination and desire to fight the good fight. Keep trying and never stop.
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Congratulations on your 7 months. Glad you are not wallowing and are persevering through it.
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Thanks a lot guys. Hi again Neomarxist, it just wasn't going to work out. When I drank the first dinnk, I neither regretted it or was happy about it, so I'm missing nothing.
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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Hi Eddie - glad you are back.

For me, everytime I think I can slack off on my recovery work, it comes back to bite me.
So, I have to keep working at it all the time.

Glad you feel that this time created a change in your view of your addiction.
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Hi Eddie,

Welcome back!
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