Seeking fellow binge drinkers

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I was a "binge drinker" and since I didn't drink every day (and never the morning after) and only drank wine I convinced myself for many years that I didn't have a problem. I never lost a job because of alcohol, no trouble with the law; heck I was "just a weekend wino". I could have just 1-2 glasses of wine on occassion during the week but 99% of the time it was 1-2 bottles and I was always a black-out drunk. I know I could go out today and have just 1 glass of wine (if the thought didn't still make me nauseated) but I also know that there would be a 2nd time and 2 glasses, then a 3rd etc etc and I won't go there.
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Your story sounds a lot like mine SB. I have to stop or I'm afraid something bad will happen. I'm 49 years old and started binging as a young teen too
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im with you to on the binge drinking ive got about 10 days behind me and all the truble i caused is a distant memory
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