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Just want to curl up in a ball........I woke this morning very shaky, started to panic..........I have got to take this down before it takes me.....I am scared. I really really really want to change..........I am about to drop.........hate the holidays...........sorry..............Ms. bummed out here......but I am alone and not liking things right now...........

I hope you guys are doing well.........I WILL get there.......somehow,,,,,,,,,,,

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I know of these feelings......miserable! I feel you.....we will get through this, I just know it!! Hang on, I know it will get better!! Be good to you today!!

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Aw sweetie..I feel ya. Been thinking a lot about you lately...I remember your "not having your sea legs" comment a while back, and I'm where you were then. Sorry you're feeling're WILL get there. We love ya..hang in there!
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((VC)) 4 U.
Hang in there, stay busy, pamper yourself.
Tomorrow will B better.
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You have done this before and you can do it again.
Hang in and be tough.
Just remember that the getting buzzed ain't worth the coming down.
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You're not alone.

There is lots of support here!
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Maybe this will be it VC. You never want to put yourself through this hell again. Now you know there isn't any other way except to banish it from your life. I had to learn that lesson many times before looking death in the face and finally finding the courage to put an end to my misery. Sending love to you - I know you can do this.
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i have said this before in a previous post and i hope it helps you. when i went to detox this past year i had a rough time the first 2-3 days- really really rough. my 'nurse' came to me and saw how i felt and she said every minute i put up with this discomfort was a minute closer to sobriety and getting rid of my disease. just my experience and it helped me fight. it was first time without drinking in well forever (around 25 yrs). it got really better after that for me. hang my friend. i am trying too.
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Do everything you can to get back to where you were a about a year ago. I've seen your strength and determination and I know you can do this. I know how hard it is but if there is anything worth fighting for it's waking up each day with a sober mind and a grateful heart. I believe in you.
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What Ken said goes double for me, W....and if we believe in you....?

You can do've just got to make that first leap, y'know?

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Sending lots of hugs to you VC, bless your heart. There are some wonderful people here that obviously care about you!
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(((VC))) I'm not sure exactly what's going on in your life, but I hear your struggle. Know you CAN do it and you will do it. Holidays are over thank God!
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sometimes i wonder how i ever did it. tox.
looking back.... i realize the debacle and tragic lengths i went try to prove to myself i could drink like a man.......i will control wont control me.

and where would i be if i hadnt smashed that illusion.. over and over into little bits?......maybe still drinking........maybe dead....who knows.
i do know that without vital imformation given to me about alcoholism....i would have gone out again.......i had was my only solution.

4 f sake vc..........get this done.

and see the wood from the bs.......if your alcoholic then imo and experience your gonna have to do more than hide away the booze...and hope the fear will keep you sober......because it wont...not imo.
engage yourself into a programme of recovery.......theres plenty.
and plenty on here to support and advise you with some direction..

i can do the hugs and kisses if you like....but imo that wont do jack for your condition.......

god be with you my friend.........take it easy............shaun.
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Dang, Trucker is starting to sound like Dee! know what you need to do. We are here for you...but YOU gotta be there for you.

I hope your today is better than your yesterday.
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Dang, Trucker is starting to sound like Dee!
That's a good thing...right?

VC how are you today?
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Originally Posted by coffeenut View Post
Dang, Trucker is starting to sound like Dee! know what you need to do. We are here for you...but YOU gotta be there for you.

I hope your today is better than your yesterday.
the only thing i want is his hair...
you can keep the living upside down and the...."goo day mate"......
dee likes to model himself on me and my english charm...and baldness.

come on vc..........where you gone..!!
we need your cooking skills in the whats for dinner thread......!!
hop to it.
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VC....look at the nut's (both of 'em!) that are showing up in your thread in support for you.

We need you around here. Please let us know how you're doing.
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Hang in there VC. I am sorry you are going through this. I wish we could make it go away, but obviously we can't. Just know we are all here for you, and we all look forward to hearing about your recovery. Keep us posted on the August thread, OK?
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