I'm a newbie.

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I'm a newbie.

Hi everyone. I just joined this site. This is day two of sobriety for me. Actually, it's not the first time I have quit drinking. I have been "mostly" sober for the past few weeks, and have lived completely sober in past years, but finally realized I can't control it when I do drink. So, I am starting over - again. I am just trying to remember: one day at a time. And that the nausea, itching, and insomnia will pass in time. Thanks for being there.
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Welcome. Day three here. You are doing great!
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Hi Boskie,

Welcome and I'm glad you found us.
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Welcome to SR
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Welcome to SR
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Hi there

Welcome to SR... good for you for realising that things need to change...
SR is a good place to start... the folks here have supported me loads...
Take your time to settle in... read/post... whatever you need... were here
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Great that you're starting the new year with a new way of life. Lots of good company here. Welcome!
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We Do Recover
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Welcome! Glad you are here. I remember going to an AA group while out in Phoenix a few years ago--they meet in one of the local hospitals.....can't remember the exact name of the group right now, but if interested I can maybe find out that info for you. They helped me. Anyway, not sure if you have been to any meetings or tried any other treatment programs before. Keep posting and reaching out---We do recover.
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Welcome Boskie

You'll find a lot of support here

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Hi Boskie and LauraS, I am a newbie too, on my 2nd full day. Feeling optimistic and motivated! I also realize I can NOT control my drinking, it turns into a feeding frenzy on every single occasion.....same ole cycle over and over......I am sooooo sick of it!! I believe in me, my strengths and hopes for Sobriety and I am going to explore all that is available for me to learn to live a happy sober life!! I am really loving the support of this group!!

We CAN do this, I just know it's got to be true!!
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