Congratulations Expenguin on 24 yrs Sobriety

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Psalm 118:24
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You get a couple threads started for you and you disappear

Thank you for being there for the next person all these years


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I have no other words...

except amazing
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I am here for everyone and anything I posted yesturday just didn't get put up for some reason..... there were some glitches in the system I guess and that is ok....

I am here today and that counts for something....

The Old Timers taught me all I know and that is what truely keeps me going each day in AA..... just keep coming back and hold your head up high no matter what..... this is your life and you really need to make the most of what you have for the moment.....

Thanks everyone for just being here...

LIttle penguin
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I feel pretty pathetic struggling with 24 hours I know, it has to start somewhere.
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We all have to start somewhere and I had to start in an odd place myself or give up the friendship of a special family friend that was helping me through so much for so long..... he knew so much about recovery and didn't want to see me fall deeper into the hole...

Today I am thankful for his push and for my willingness and courage to stick with AA ONE DAY AT A TIME..... I didn't feel like I belonged or fit in. But I am glad I stuck with it all these years.

For all those that still suffer and are thinking if they belong.... keep moving forward and don't give up on yourself.... you can do this and see it through.... this is your life and you CAN MAKE THE MOST OF IT THIS IS YOUR LIFE....

I made it after 24 years and I am going on with more years for the future..... and loving every minute...... because it is so much a part of my life no matter what...... Hang in there and keep coming back....

Little Penguin

Thank you everyone for your Congrats...... You are the Best...
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