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This was my first sober Christmas in over ten years. Every Christmas morning we go to our friend's house to celebrate and every year I have been either been hungover, drunk or both. I never could enjoy the wonderful food and company until this year.

I decided to take the plunge into sobriety last Tuesday. Part of me thought trying this right before the holidays was not the best idea, but I just felt it had to be done. I am really glad I did. I had the best Christmas I have had in years. The food was great as were my friends.

One interesting thing is that I got a lot of alcohol related gifts right down to a portable wine cellar. While ironic, it did make me think that a lot of my friends associate me drinking. I don't want that.

I think I am one of the lucky ones that is having no withdrawal symptoms at all, so everything is going smoothly. Of course, I am tempted to drink, but the rewards so far of not drinking seem worlds greater.

I have tried quitting many times and finally all the meetings, therapy and even the falls seem to be paying off.

This really was the best Christmas ever!
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Congratulations Max
Now pass all those alcohol related gifts on LOL...

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Great news and congratulations in seeing the happiness sobriety can and does bring. I agree with Dee and get rid of the alcohol related gifts.
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Thats a great thing to read!
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The wine cellar has been exchanged for an Aerogarden. Apparently all the wine, Bailey's and even the cocktail shaker have been moved elsewhere by my partner because they sure aren't in my house. That's some great support! :-)
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