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how would someone except the fact that they need help? its not that im in complete denial i know that i have a problem, but i feel like i can get over it myself. 4yrs ago i was introduced to methodones whaffer form, i was on them for maybe 4 months, before i even knew what withdraw was i decided to stop wasting money on them and just quit taking them, well withdraw set in a few days later my dealer had to explain what was going on, i bought another whaffer i think it was 100mg 25mg per section, i cut it up into about 8 pieces and took 1 everytime i needed one. now 3 and a half yrs clean i go to the docs and he perscibes me tramadol 50mgs i took all 22 in 3 days and saved 8 so i dont go thru withdraw, the only benifit was i got some work done, i have no intention of getting more or getting a refill, i do this once or twice a yr. i dunno maybe i just needed to get this off my chest, sorry if my grammer is horrible.
and hello by the way im new.
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Hello nathancol and welcome to SR.
There are plenty of people here who have experience with what you are going through. Although it's perfectly fine for you to post in this forum, please check out this section of SR where you will find more folks who share common issues related to substance abuse.

I'm glad you are reaching out for help.
Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
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I've never used tramadol but please do check out those links Nathan
Welcome to SR

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I take tram and the w/d is hell. But I am not sure if you only took them for 3 days.
But that is way too many to eat in a short period of time. I ams urprised you didnt get sick.
W/D for me is horrible. Zero energy, super bad depression, everything hurts 100 times worse, real bad constant brain zaps. It takes me almost a week to feel normal again.
I suggest talking to a dr. As for if you need help. I cant make that call.
Good luck.
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