You Can't Quit If You Think You Can

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You Can't Quit If You Think You Can

I just stumbled upon this study and thought that I would share the pertinent part. Essentially, the idea is that people who think that they can control their addictions are more prone to relapse than those who don't. This has some obvious paralells to 12 Step recovery programs that emphasize powerlessness and demphasize willpower:
Finally, Nordgren's team tested the idea that "restraint bias" could explain why drug addicts are so prone to relapse. They recruited 55 participants through a smoking-cessation programme, all of whom had been smoke free for at least three weeks. Those who said they had more impulse control also tended to say they wouldn't be trying so hard to avoid temptation, such as the company of other smokers. Four months' later, those with the inflated sense of impulse control were more likely to have relapsed.

"The restraint bias suggests that people are willing to experiment with addictive drugs simply because they believe they can overcome the addiction," the researchers said.
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Uh Huh

Ya it don't take much.

I was 6 months sober and had it all under control.
My neighbor said: "I don't think your an alcoholic, you've just been through a rough time in the last few years.."

I said: "Damn, you know what? Your right! Lets party!!!
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