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I hope it's not poor form on this board to continue posting in one's own thread. At the beginning of this all, I suppose I'm looking for a good place to compose my thoughts, and get the occasional reply.

Tonight was my 3rd night, and cravings are minimal. The danger is that I'm already shifting into "Boozing isn't so bad" phase. The phase that normally makes me feel comfortable getting a drink (which becomes 12 drinks).

So this time, I need to just keep repeating to myself that I feel this way EVERY time, and that I need to stick it out a bit longer till I can get out of this frame of mind.
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Finished day 8 with a trip to the bar for a friends birthday.

I felt no unusual urge to drink, and wasn't pressured too badly by friends, so I'm pretty pleased. I figure the more I can get through nights like that, the more experience I'll have to handle it in the future.

So, goin strong here. I've got a week-long snowboarding trip coming up in a couple weeks, so that will be the biggest test of the year, I reckon.
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Hello All,

It's been just a week and I haven't had any set-backs just what every newbee says; nausea, fatigue, headaches, slight fever, and a general malayze feeling. Like everyone I guess I just want normalcy back. One good thing is I exercise regularly so that has bolstered positive feedback. I guess after drinking over the last 10 yrs takes time for the body to adjust. I initially tried just easing off the last 6 month from 6-8 drinks a day to 2-4 but I decided that is just a temporary solution and decided to just stop completely. I do appreciate all the encouragement, advice, and support on this website. Much praise is deserved for those who have been through it and offer there support.

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