Heightened Senses

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Heightened Senses

Is it normal to have heightened senses when new in recovery? Especially every Sat. night when I attend church I smell everything...even myself (smoker). Sometimes when I do smell things it makes me very agitated and angry. Last night I was so agitated by a smell that I wanted to get up and leave, but I worked thru it and stayed.
Is this normal?
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In my experience lots of strange things happen while my body and brain got used to doing without alcohol.

If it continues and you are concerned check it out with the doctor...

I had a series of strange phobias for a while....heights...close spaces..
traffic believe it or not.....couldnt stand by the side of the road without wanting to run off..

hair loss......the list went on but ALL apart from occasional insomnia dissapeared...
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Yup, without booze or your DOC the senses work remarkably better! I thought the whole world was screaming at me at first but they pretty much seem normal now.

FYI, I have noticed my sense of smell changes considerably on different occasions long before I became alcoholic.

It's always good to keep in contact with your doctor in early recovery and keep them appraised. Seeing my doctor regularly keep me from worry about silly stuff and the things that really needed attention like my blood pressure got taken care of.
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yes, it's normal.

By using and drinking - we were anesthtetizinggggggggg (holy crap can't spell it)
our system.

That includes
touch (how many times did anyone have sex they didn't feel?)
smell (three guesses just how bad we really DID smell)
taste (the fastest way to get drunk is attend a chili cookoff)
hearing (ever have to repeat what you said to a drunk?)

all of it.

The whole WORLD was sharper whn I got sober.

I loved it!

Still do! (mattera fact)
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