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so i've been one week clean today. this morning i fell asleep and had a horrible dream. it seemed so real because it was everything going on in my life. 6th day clean, sick, so i went down the city in my dream with my ex bf, copped some dope, and shot up. i woke up thinking my dream was real and i had to detox all over again. i woke up crying hysterically for using again. but it wasn't real. and i'm feeling a lot better today. just still freezing, and a little antsy!
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Welcome to SR and congrats on a week clean! Those dreams might come and go, but it'll get better if you continue to do the deal.
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Thumbs up

Welcome Kae and Congrats on a week Clean!!!
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Hi and welcome to SR! Congrats on one week clean! What a joyous miracle!
I am crackquack, 10 months clean from crack cocaine. I remember, when I first started getting clean, I'd have many dreams about smoking crack. They were so vivid I remember waking up and thinking I actually had smoked crack and felt like I was going to get sick. I would be putting on my clothes, getting ready to head to the nearest meeting, trying to think of where one would be, when I stopped and realized I was putting on my clothes. I had still been in my PJ's...I had dreams that seemed that real many times. I think it is our brains missing what we were once feeding them. Our minds share the addiction with our bodies. It will pass!
I am sure it is different for everyone, but it doesn't last forever. :ghug3
Keep coming back!
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Awesome news kae. Its the addict brain talking to us in our sleep. Normal. So glad you are here!!!
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Yeah I actually had a very similar dream last night that I found a bunch of dope and I thought about not doing it for a second and then I was just like **** it and got down like there was no tomorrow. It scared me like what if that actually did happen would I have the resolve to turn it down if it was right in front of me?
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Welcome Kae

Other can explain the science but those kind of dreams are very common...they suck a bit but they do lessen over time, and I don't think they necessarily mean anything at all...they certainly haven't in my case

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Great job on your one week of sobriety Kae! You are doing great!
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I've had drinking ones before and my friends is in NA and has had smoking coke ones with much the same effect and feelings, maybe it would help to meet other people, in person, who are going through what you are rather than suffering alone, maybe check out an NA meeting?!
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Pretty common in the early days for alcoholics to, the longer I stayed sober the less often they came for me, I have been sober a little over 3 years and it is pretty uncommon for me to have them now. In early sobriety they really shook me up, now they don't, if any thing they are a good reminder of why I quit.
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Hi Kae,

I finally got to your postings that you mentioned in the chat room. I once had a double-whammy dream: I was both getting high with AND getting it on with my ex-wife!!! Nowadays, those dreams don't bother me maybe because it is earlier in the night and I don't wake up from them right away.

When I ran into you during Day 2 of your detox - I could really feel for you. I've been through it myself and it is so bad - like the worst case of the flu times 5!!!

I think you said you are on day 17 today - that is so great.

Hope you stick close with your support during the next few days.

Take Care,

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Welcome to SR!
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