TOPIC: Sobriety Is A Gift

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Hi Im Sharon and Im an Alcoholic.

By the grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havent found
it necessary to pick up a drink of
alcohol since 8-11-90.

For that and you I am truely

No amount of money or fame could
equal what has been given to me.

Today I can walk down any street,
anywhere, without the fear of
meeting someone I've harmed.

Today my thoughts are not
consumed with craving for the
next drink or regret for the damage
I did on the last drunk.

No late night wrong numbers
from men calling me. No run-
ning to the store to store up
for alcohol because the next
day all stores will be closed.


Thank goodness I dont have to
live like that any longer.

Just for today tho.

How about you?
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forget about the liftoff,

the landing was bad enough! o'ye!
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Thanks for that topic Sharon and congrats on the number of 24 hours you have stacked up and sharing your ES&H with us all hear.

Thanks to my HP, all the folks in the fellowship, the steps, and the folks here I have not had a drink since Sept. 18, 2006, I have not felt the need for a drink in over 2 1/2 years since having the compulsion lifted thanks to the steps and my HP. My sanity has been restored and I am free of self & of the bondage of my alcoholism. I experience peace and serenity today when my spiritual condition is right, the fight has been over quite a while, even when life is not all a bed of roses, it is still manageable.
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Living in sobriety
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me..... 21 april 1998 and wow I FEEL FREE!!! even on tough days I have a feeling of "this will pass and I will be ok"

No phone off the hook and trying to remember who I called.

No more waking up to the hideous Four Horsemen for guite a while now..... Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, Despair. ..
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aint it nice to plan for christmas......get something special for the wife or my little grandaughter.
Get the food in or deck out the tree....

I Remember many a christmas the sailed by in a blur in more ones that one...
christmas was about me........and only me.
if i wasnt drinking id control the show and if i was.......they got on with the show without me..poor me.......ill show the bast@rds.

lifes just great when it becomes predictable.........things get done.......things happen when there supposed to happen..........and i wake up with the same prett lady everyday......

i stopped drinking in sept 2000.....and those pompous do gooder idiots in AA ended up right.....more will be reavealed if you do the steps and stop whining like a baby.
god does for me today what i couldnt do for myself...

today i live in the clarity of the truth ........not the blur of active alcoholism.
thankyou father for giving me the ability to see what is real and what is not.
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