I finally Did it!

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I finally Did it!

I'm a 39 year old male and after 20+ years of extremely heavy drinking I decided the Sunday after Thanksgiving I was done. My main motivator was my new wife of 1 1/2 years. I'm a functioning alcoholic and get up every morning to go to work and I'm very productive. I'm professional in the banking world for 15 years. I only drank after work and on the weekends, but it was a lot. Sun thru Thur it was a 1/2 bottle of Jack Daniels a night most of the time. Weekend was beer all day until night, then I re-introduced myself to Jack. I never got commode hugging drunk or too sloppy, except when I received my one and only DWI in 2001. It has probably been 10-15 years since the last time I went to bed sober.

With that said I was scared to death to do this for medical reasons. I've read the nightmare stories of DT's, seizures, etc...... I did a little research and Vitiman B would help with seizers. So Monday when I got up I was done. I did a lot of drinking over the holidays and go down right drunk Sunday night. Monday wasn't too bad, it was my typical hangover. I learned to function like that. Monday night was horrible. Shakes, Zero sleep, and tons of perspiring. Tuesday at work was brutal. Tuesday night was more of the same. Wednesday at work was somewhat tolerable. Wednesday night got about 4 hours sleep. Today on Thursday as I write this I'm doing pretty well and I'm very optimistic.

Please pray for me and thank you ya'll for being here.
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Welcome to SR, thanks for sharing your story. Please keep reaching out for support, and think about putting together a plan for your recovery.
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Welcome to SR, Redfish

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Welcome. Reach out you don't have to go thru any of it alone. For me, I needed other recoverying people as a support system. Way to go!
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Welcome Redfish!

I'm glad you found us, and stopping drinking is the beginning of the journey.
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Thank you all for all of your kinds and supportive words.
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Its time for bed
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Good for you! Do lots of reading here. I'm sure you know that getting sober is the easy part while staying sober in the days-weeks-future ahead of you is the tough part.

I remember the hell of getting sober and feeling really good after detoxing. I pray you get to feel the rewards soon.

By the Way... Banker... did you calculate the hole that drinking put in your finances??? LOL
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Funny C4999. I did actually calculate what I was spending a month. Actually my wife and I did it together. I'm taking the money I spend every week and putting in a jar for a crazy vacation:

Monthly Basis:

Jack Daniel Bottles from Liquor store: $275.00
Corona Light Beer and Miller Lite: $155.00
Wine: $90.00
Bar tabs (for me, not wife) $280.00
Grand total: $800.00

Each week my wife is taking out of one of our accounts $200.00 and putting in a Tea Jug in our bathroom where I see it everyday.
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Congrats on 'going sober' and welcome to SR!
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Its time for bed
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Great idea! I firmly believe everyone should reward themselves for their effort. You got a great plan!
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Welcome to SR, Refish.

Praying for you,
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Way to go Redfish! Welcome to SR. You will find tons of supporters here who will help you throughout your journey.
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I am 19 days sober after 35 years so I wish you well. I am very optimistic as well because i am sick and tired if being sick and tired.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome to both of you.....good to know your
heading into a sober future.....
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Welcome to SR! Your story sounds like a lot of ours.
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Yay Redfish-good for you...I am 19 days sober...feels good right now-you will too
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Strong work Redfish!
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Red, we're the same age. Please hang in there. I quit almost seven months ago and am so glad I did. The vacation idea also keeps me inspired. At the six-month mark, I began planning the trip I'll take when I reach my one-year of sobriety threshold. I'm going to ride the rails around Europe for a couple of weeks! Instead of pub-hopping, I'm going to actually see Europe, not just the bottom of a Guinness glass.

SR has been really important to me maintaining sobriety. Keep posting and asking for help if and when you need it. Here are some phrases from other people's posts who have helped me during challenging moments.

• Only I can drive me to drink.

• There are no problems that drinking cannot make worse.

• On your worst days, remember: At least you’re sober.

• You will never get relief from your pain through drinking.

• "Living sober can suck, but living drunk sucks more."

•*The No. 1 message I've gotten from SR: Untreated drinking problems get worse.
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Hi Redfish. It's wonderful you've made this decision now. To keep going the way you were, bad things would be on the horizon. I graduated from just a few on the weekends to 24/7 drinking in the end. No amount was enough to get the job done. We always say we'll never let it happen to us, but we lose control at some point. It's a progressive disease & it's job is to kill us.

It's great you found SR! Let us know how you are. I guess this will be your first sober holiday season in awhile & that can be tricky - but it sounds like you're very determined & positive.
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Welcome Redfish - Glad you are here!
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