I will _________ starting tomorrow ...

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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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I will _________ starting tomorrow ...

Fill in the blank with:
- stop drinking
- stop drugging
- exercise
- eat healthier
- be happier
- set better boundaries
- stop being co-dependent
... etc.

One of the great things about sobriety is the ability to become more "self-aware" as to what your brain is saying to you. The alcoholic / addict brain always has a great excuse as to why today isn't the right day and tomorrow is a better day.

For an alcoholic, tomorrow is our savior. It brings us comfort that what we are doing today is ok, because tomorrow will be different. Fortunately (from an alcoholic point of view) tomorrow never has to come. It is always in the future.

This weekend, I caught my brain saying these words to myself about exercising & eating better. As I wolfed down those fries and deep fried chicken, I said "it is ok today, as tomorrow I will eat healthier".

The gift of sobriety has taught me how to identify my BS, and while I didn't exactly leap out of bed at 6am this morning to go running, I know that TODAY is the only day that matters. Tomorrow is meaningless in starting (or continuing) my recovery and self-improvement.

So, let's all reverse that "talking in our heads".

Today I won't drink, will exercise, will eat better ...

Tomorrow ... I can decide later.
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Looking For Myself...Sober
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Yea for us addicts, tomorrow never comes. Because its today again when it does.
I have set myself up for failure so many times with that thinking.
Great post. Today I will just remain in the day in every way possible. Because I am projecting big time.
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That's so funny because before I reached the end of your post I was thinking about how I reconciled not drinking or smoking when I gave each one up. I thought in terms of "I will not today, but maybe tomorrow." I always kept it in my head that I might someday and that is what worked for me at the time. I have moved on a bit, but thanks for your post. I appreciated it a lot.
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its sooo hard though hahaha. I am injured today, so the gym is out, which means I have permission to eat cookies right?


Today I will work on making healthy choices
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The addicted brain is a tricky bugger...that's for sure. Challenging stinky thinking really helps me make the deep emotional changes in my psyche that keeps me on track with my addiction treatment.
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I can definitely relate to this post. Can't even begin to count the number of times that I have told myself, "o.k. I will go ahead and drink one more time tonight, but tomorrow I will get myself together." It's really amazing too how I could come up with a different excuse each and every night to justify my drinking, all the while telling myself that I would not drink tomorrow. And then by the time tomorrow would arrive, I would find another excuse to drink again.
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Originally Posted by Gypsy Feet View Post
Today I will work on making healthy choices

Sure....I will too....even though I've alread had some M&Ms and jelly beans this morning. And 'working on it'...sure, I'll work on hard as I can...and fail.

Seriously, should I get my jaw wired shut? What can I do?

GF, weren't you the one who gave me a list of foods I can eat as much as I want to? I think I'll have to go back and find that. I just want to eat all the time...when I'm not sleeping...and shoot this cold isn't making anything easier. I'm whining. Maybe I should put this post in the Whiner's thread?

Help! I'm being attacked by snack cakes! The only way I know how to defeat them is by putting them in my belly.
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