How do you handle hotels with mini bars?

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How do you handle hotels with mini bars?

I'm at 100 days now, and it's been going well (first two weeks aside), but I've got a trip coming up next week that involves 6 nights in a hotel room, complete with mini bar and a well stocked fridge. I keep no alcohol in the house, because temptation is harder to resist when the bottle is in the same house, but I'm worried about the temptation of this upcoming trip.

How do you guys handle the close proximity of alcohol in hotel rooms?
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You can request the mini bar be emptied at the front desk when you check in. It's not an uncommon request and there should be no problem with it at all. You can make this request when you make the reservation as well.


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That's pretty cool Lenina. I didn't know that. Can you request it to be stocked with non-alcohol type drinks, ie juices, soda and such?
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I suppose you could. I usually bring my own stuff as the prices are ridiculously high! I use the fridge for my caffeine free sodas, juice, milk and salads.


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Thanks for that. I didn't think it would be that straight forward.
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Also, some hotels will have a list of AA meetings posted on the same board with the local churches. Some have a meeting schedule book behind the front desk. I think it's a nice bit of service work to keep the hotels in your area updated with the local meetings and names to call for rides. Hey, if the Gideon's can leave a Bible (or in Mariott's The Book of Mormon) why not?


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GREAT idea for AA Service work. Many thanks.
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I agree with Lenina ....
When I make reservations I specify "No alcohol in my room"

Because the high prices in hotels.....
I pack a jar of instant Ice Tea or find a 7-11 to buy stuff.

Darren37..not sure what is available where you are going
but thanks for asking If you did not make the reservations
tell them when you check in.
Well done on your sober time...

And yes.....
my AA home group does supply info to area motels.
We are too country to have hotels....

We also donate copies of the BB and the 12 &12 to our
3 libraries. .We have contact numbers on title pages.
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1) don't open the fridge

2) more importantly, there is a way available to all of us which takes temptation out of the picture.

If this was just about will power, I'd have sobered up & recovered many many years ago.
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I just recently spent five days in a hotel room with a mini bar. They asked me a check in if I wanted access to it. I said no.

They are there to accommodate you, just ask. Call ahead of time and ask that you have a room with no bar.
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Oh man, I was about 100 days when I went on a ski trip. My friend and I were the only guests at bed and breakfast near the ski area. Nice place... friendly innkeeper! He made a point of showing us the well stocked refrigerator and told us to help ourselves to all the beer and wine we wanted, gratis... oh, and he said that afternoon "tea break" would be at about 4:30 and we'd be right on time for the open bar...

It was a bit rough. My friend is a "normie" and didn't drink the whole long weekend 'cause he knew I was still a bit "raw", God bless him

Hope you didn't mind the share, you just jogged an early sobriety memory... oh, BTW, the refrigerator was still full when we left, and, it had a great new assortment of non-alcoholic beverages I purchased at the deli!

Like 1_Day_@_A_Time alluded to, I now have a solution that doesn't involve willpower... Thankfully, I've recovered. now, not then maybe, through a 12 step program and my wife can keep her wine in the refrigerator right here at home and I don't even notice it... Thank God!!

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