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Aaaah the holidays: Used to be a reason to let your hair down and drink as much as you wanted, because you didn't have to go to work. I for myself never enjoyed any holiday for any other reason. Now it's different, I'm a little apprehensive and scared. I know there will be triggers, but here is where giving thanks comes into the equation. Thanks once again to SR I have learned that a little planning helps. It is just one day and I have managed 62 so far. What has triggered me in the past? Apart from being an alcoholic of course .
A - Picking up my monster-in-law and having to stay fairly sober in order to drive, getting directions from her via finger pointing, getting lost in the process only to be told that we found a short cut that took only 30 min longer. Mmmmh - I will be sober tomorrow so I could drive without worry, but I've decided that someone else can do that this year.
B - Being asked again, like every year, whether we have Thankgiving in Europe,
on replying NO I ususally would have retreated frustragingly into the bedroom/bathroom or whereever my secret stash was hidden. Tomorrow I will smile and explain the story of the Pilgrims and where they came from, followed by more food and a funny movie.
Well thats my plan for the things I know are ahead, as for the others: Doesn't matter either way, I will not drink tomorrow.
What about you? Will you join me?
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Good plan Saphie, I learned the true meaning of THE Holidays once I got sober. What I found out was they are about family and celebrating life, not staying drunk and existing, but living life to its fullest with my family and friends.

My first sober Thanksgiving was at my inlaws, by the time it came to sit down and eat I was already happy, I had discovered that not getting smashed with my BIL allowed me to enjoy my whole family!!!

I felt great, I did not embarass my family nor myself, heck I even drove home!!! LOL Every year sober has been more and more of a blessing for me, especially during the Holidays, to think about all of the years I spent plowed and not remembering most of the Holidays.

Saphie have a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you do not spend the day LOOKING for triggers more then likely you will not find a trigger unless someone sticks a drink in your face.
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Hehe, you know what's funny? When you said that about people asking if there's thanksgiving in Europe I though "yeah, that's an interesting question" even though I am well versed in American history

Durrrrr :-D

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Last thanksgiving I was about two weeks out of rehab. Went to my BIL's.... I was a bit squirmy... It didn't help when that bottle of Chardonnay was set right in front of my plate. C'mon, I'm thinking, it's tough enough...

This year....

BIL's again.... No worries.... I don't think much about it, the self pity is gone and I'll just enjoy the good food... They can set that bottle down wherever they want to... and if people want to drink too much, fine, there is always a football game on the TV

My two oldest are home from college and we will all be together. Doesn't get any better...

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This is exactly what I was hoping for with this thread:
How to enjoy any holiday without drink. Thanks guys.

you want to try explaining why we don't celebrate Independence Day in England Good thing I love my husband's family - sometimes.
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I am so grateful that I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with 3 other people from my Friday AA group. I couldn't have asked for a better solution to all my worries about slipping and the temptations of alcohol. It will be a larger group with lots of drinkers, but I feel so serene and calm that my 3 AA buddies will be with me! The fellowship really is an amazing source of strength.
I'm gearing up to eat, eat, eat! Not pick at my food because I have a hangover or ruined my stomach with morning drinking.

I didn't look at the holidays with relish that I would get blasted. I used to dread them because I knew that I would drink, and drink too much and always spoil things for myself in the end.
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We have a ThankAthon in my area, it starts at about 9AM and runs until 11PM!!! Tons of food, meetings, speakers, & fellowship, should be a gut busting good time and not a drop of liquor to be had.
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My day tomorrow will be "bookended" with meetings, the family time in the middle. I'll be starting out with a meeting in the morning down the street from me and my buddy and I will be doing a little travelling to a neighboring town that has a big AA Thanksgiving to-do in the evening.
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