Happy Birthday Hevyn!!!!

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7 Hope you had a great bday!!
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Happy Happy Birthday to you!7

Hope it was great.
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Today IS the day. Thank you, S for the announcement!

Without you all I would not be sitting here sober and filled with hope. This is the 3rd birthday I have been on SR. (I was still drinking for the first one.) You've ALL played a part in bringing me out of my coma. There aren't words to express my gratitude for each and every one of you. Thank you!!!
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Joanie, Happy Birthday, from a fellow scorpio girl!!!

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Living in sobriety
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Happy Birthday Hevyn...
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Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday my friend.
Just love all your posts, love how U share in all honestly about your personal life and experiences. :day2
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Happy Birthday, Joanie Keep shining like the sun
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everything is already ok
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Happy Happy Happy!!!
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A belated Happy Birthday to you Joanie, you deserve only the best and so much more!
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