New here, trying to keep it together

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New here, trying to keep it together

Hi all, this is my first time actually reaching out to people in my situation (aside from the 2 AA meetings I attended, but never took all that seriously.) I'm 25 years old and have been drinking since I was 16. The past 5 years have been the heaviest, but i'm proud to say that i've been sober since Oct 4th of this year.

When I was drinking, I was able to mostly make it through the week without getting too hammered, but that would all change come the weekend. I'd end up missing a lot of Mondays due to the relentless alcohol consumption i'd put myself through. I've sadly cut myself off from any sort of meaningful social life, since i'm working like crazy during the week, and getting drunk by myself on the weekend.

Now that i'm sober, I feel much more productive and clear-headed, but now feel even more isolated than during the times I was drinking (I guess you could say alchol became my best and only friend.) I've become an intense workaholic that drinks probably a gallon of coffee a day during the week (i'm assuming this is a side effect of recovery?) But during times like this (friday night, about to get off of work) I start to feel this tingling/nervous sensation that I would get before my first beer. It's making it very hard to not think about drinking. How do you all cope with that feeling, and does it get any better?

Thank you for reading this, and I wish you all the best luck in your own personal recovery stories!!!
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what are you doing to recover, other than not drinking?

Abstinence and recovery are two very different things. Had I not worked on some sort of recovery, I might still be sober, but I'd sure be miserable.

I can't remember the last time having a drink crossed my mind.. but I worked and worked to get to where I am now. Tried meetings, reading, counseling, IOP, rehab.. til it clicked.
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Hi and Welcome,

Congratulations on your sobriety!

When I began recovery, I had to make a lot of changes in my life and I had to deal with the issues in my life that had led me to addiction. Could it be, that being a workaholic is another way of avoiding facing the problems in your life?
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Originally Posted by smacked View Post
what are you doing to recover, other than not drinking?

At this point, i'm simply trying not to drink. I know the success rate isn't too good for people who only stick with this approach, but i'm sure it's a good start. I'm hoping to learn more from reading these boards, and gradually reaching out to sober people around me.
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Hi Flip Dead Shot

I think Anna makes a great point - no-one here is a doctor but I know I was not only an alcoholic but a workaholic as well - removing the alcohol was a great first step for me but to really recover, and actually be happy my life and with who I was, I've also had to address some underlying issues.

Read around and post as much as you like - welcome
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Maybe all your work of recent weeks has been worthwhile in its own terms. Yes some of us attach more to the coffee for a short - or long - period. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat wholesomely.

You are doing right reaching out for help. I hope you are aditionally within range of several AA meetings because the more you mix with recovering people the better chance you have of encountering people that will say things that help and advise and guide you. I didn't ever hear of people taking the 12 steps without sponsoring (AA head office can arrange that by letter post in case of genuine isolation).

I hope AA will grow on you, three years back to the fellowship I get a different glimpse of what it is about each meeting I go to. It is a really live place. In particular, concentrate on finding out the programme of action because that is what is needed to keep you & me away from the drink we can't safely use.
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Welcome to SR...and good for you for facing your demons in your youth!

Stick around and read. Lots of things to help with sobriety.
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