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Not sure why I am even posting was just odd and I decided to share.

I was walking into the backyard last night, and reached for my beer as I rounded the corner! Now...keep in mind, there was no beer there....but in my mind I flashed back to a year and a half ago when I went NOWHERE without that beer.

It stopped me cold. I was instantly so very grateful that I don't do that anymore. It hit me square in the face that not only do I not drink anymore, I don't WANT to drink anymore.

I'm in no danger of drinking....but it was just odd. Anyone ever do something like this....or am I just nuts by myself?!
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same planet...different world
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Once back this summer
I picked up a can of beer to take over to my firend...
and could taste it in my mouth.

I don't think ANY can
is that thin.

I just ramped up the number of meetings for a while.
it's like they say
while we're going to meetings
the disease
is in the back yeard
doing pushups.

it just shows how sneaky
it can be, huh?

But yeah the way you describe it
which was very well, by the way...
I call 'body memory'.
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it's normal

did you "recoil as if from a hot flame?"

then you have been restored to sanity

easy peasy
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I did recoil. It was like a slap in the face....and then a huge sense of relief....

I agree....I think it's sitting in the backyard....reclined in the hammock.....little does it know, I'll continue to kick it's butt.
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Well I am not where you are.. next year I hope to be.
I could not take my son trick or treating without my mug full of beer.. and my purse with a couple more beers, in case he wanted to go to alot of houses! I don't know how i planned to fill my mug... but I had the beers in case I needed to
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I want to recoil at the thought of taking alcohol trick or treating with me and my son
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Mini....I have been where you are. I was there for 30 years.

Are you ready to be sober? You gotta want gotta want it bad. And once you get it, it is the BEST....the BEST.

Welcome to SR. Please stay and post!
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Easy peasy??? ROFL.

Oh yea, for a long time I'd stop and open the garage frige on the way into the house. Now all I find is Sprite Zero!

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I about choked when I read 'easy peasy'.....I've said it for years....and not heard anyone else say it!
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I smelled beer in my room the other day, ewwwwwwwwwww

totally random olfactory hallucination
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This morning I woke up and tore my room apart looking for drugs. I was convinced I had hid some somewhere when I quit, just in case. I hadn't. Now my room looks like a hurricane and I think sobriety blows, but I am determined to make it through this day.
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I didn't flash back from drinking, but two years after my father died, I picked up the phone to call him. It was so strange.
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I don't see those as cravings. Usually they're automatic, and in sobriety, almost kinda funny... usually I get them in the morning. That morning shot (that I no longer need)...

Incidentally, those aren't what makes me go out, no how. But yeah, either they're officially common or 10 or 12 of us think they are... who knows who cares. When I'm half awake I think I need a shot to wake up, even if I did not drink the night before. Don't know psychology fully, but it makes sense: I did need a shot for about 20 years. This sober is new, and realistically, not instinctive yet.

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that happens to me when i don't use or drink..i can taste the smack, i can taste the vodka... good to hear though u managed to beat the urge. flashbacks happen i think when something triggers ur brain...if something happened where usually u would drink/use, then ur brain sends signals this is how we deal with it....but u (wiv help) retrain ur brain...its what i was told is learned behaviour when a trigger like this happens
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I can 'see' the colouring and lettering on the labels of the bottles a lot still

Flashback is an accurate description.
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Coffee, it's most definitely happened to me - especially in the beginning. For years I always had a beer (or two) going - one on the end table in living room, one in bathroom to grab when I had to go in there. (God forbid I should have to go for 3 minutes without a sip....) After I quit I was always reaching for the beer can that wasn't there.

Mini, I did the drunk Halloweens too. Also walked my dog with beer cleverly disguised in a 7-Eleven coffee cup. Then there were the trips to the grocery store - a beer in the cupholder, 2 more in my purse to pop open if needed in the restroom. I'm so thankful to not be a slave anymore.
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No to be honest it hasnt.....
but my wife hid her money in her bra for a good couple of years..

I had drinking dreams for a long time.....felt 100% real....complete with hangover....and sweats.
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Interesting about the dreams, trucker. I've never had one. Pretty thankful for that!
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Was cleaning out a closet a few weeks ago and came across a few empty beer cans stashed in the back. ashamed with my prior self...
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I still reach for the cranberry juice at the grocery (my mixer of choice) even though I never drank it plain. The taste of it would gag me if I tried it now. Then I remember I don't need it anymore.
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