asking for prayers for my daughter

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Unhappy asking for prayers for my daughter

(new mommy) I had to take her to the ER this morning for severe pain in her ribs. I'm about to go back up there to sit with her. Your prayers would be appreciated. We don't know what's wrong yet, only that she's in a lot of pain. thank you for your prayers.
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:praying for your daughter and for you Least. Let us know what you find.
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Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Hope whatever is hurting your daughter is found to be easily remedied, and that she is feeling better quickly!

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Absolutely. Consider it done.
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Prayers flying out for both of you least, please keep us updated on her situation
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Least, hopefully it turns out to be nothing.

Lots of prayers for you and your daughter.
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Thinking of you, Least - prayers going up.
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:praying for you and your daughter......
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........ Amen

You and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Prayers for you and your daughter!!:praying
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:praying Hope it all turns out ok...
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Prayers on the way for both of you.
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Prayers for you both
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Prayers for both of you.....will be waiting to hear more.....Hugs, Jomey
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prayers for you and your family least.
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Sending good thoughts your way least. Hope she gets better and it turns out to be nothing.
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I'm hoping it turns out to be nothing too
(((least and daughter)))

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THey did a CAT scan and lots of other tests... and found nothing. Which is good, but now she doesn't know why her ribs were hurting so badly this morning. I pray it doesn't come back.

THank you for all your prayers and concerns.:ghug3
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How old is she? The reason I ask is that I remember when my son was about 12 or so and he would wake up in the middle of the night, crying in pain. It was in his legs and trunk area from what I remember...and the doctor could not find anything wrong with him. Chalked it up to growing pains.

It went away as quickly as it came, but freaked us out all the same. I hope this is the same for your girl!
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