explaining the last 10+ years

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explaining the last 10+ years

to old best friend from high school.....Not sure what to tell her when she ask me to fill her in........mental break downs, anorexia and addiction are my past and present. I don't feel like she would judge me but I'm truly ashamed my life got so out of control. This last year has been full of recovery and new beginnings and I'd rather just live in the present with her.

Anybody been in my shoes??What did you do??
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I don't think that you should be ashamed at all mx...
you've been through a lot...and triumphed

But if it worries you...focus on the last year, recovery, and new beginnings

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mxchaos I do not hide my past, but I do not advertise it either, our past when shared along with our present walk in recovery helps others. It gives others hope when they run into things in their own lifes that there is recovery from anything in life.

The guilt & shame from my past I have dealt with, I am beyond them today thanks to the steps and the fellowship, I use my past as a tool to help others, when some one says to me "I am so ashamed and full of guilt that I am consumed with it." I am able to share mostly in a general way of how I had been in a place like they are at now and I found a way out and you can to.

You are not alone in any thing you mentioned, I am an alcoholic and due to my recovery I have no shame about it, one of my daughters is a recovering anorexic, she has no shame about being an anorixic in recoevery. I know tons of people who have been commited to institutions for both alcoholism and depression, I do not shun them or view them as less then at all.

Why would I view any one in recovery as less then any one else. If your friend is a friend as you say, she will not judge you, if anything she will be proud of you for overcoming problems in stead of letting problems continue to over come you.
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I have to say it's been pretty easy to share with you guys or other struggling addicts but normal people not so much. Like even my husband .

I guess I still have some way to go before I can truly say I'm comfortable in my skin...

thanks for being here
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Perhaps sharing the details of your life, you are comfortable sharing about, will bring you some relief from the shame you are still feeling? Try not to stress or worry about it and let the natural aspects of trust and harmony be realized. You may want to ask your sponsor if you are ready to make any amends that you might owe to this person. You are only responsible for your efforts...not the results. Let us know how things go and be good to yourself.
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