My first meeting.

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wonderful! you have made my day too.please use those phone numbers,those ladies dont give them out for early recovery when i first went to AA i made myself do things i didnt want to,and one of those things was calling folk from AA.for me it made my chance of staying sober that day much bigger by making AA contact.i am delgihted you had such a great experience and got hope,when we feel that hope it is like a light going on.please keep us posted.
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The witching hours have begun. I used to refer to "the witching hour" in regards to my children, now it really is my witching hour...turning into that lunatic again. As I am craving my wine I am also craving another meeting...this is new. If I had someone to watch my boys I wouldn't hesitate. I'd drive right over walk in sit down and let it have it's calming effect on me. Hoping to go tomorrow...I will get through tonight...I have to. Like a women said today it really isn't an option for me anymore. I cannot have even one drink. Another man asked me a riddle...which drink gets you drunk? I don't know #3 or the first one... because after that there is no control.

And for anyone reading who is trying to go on willpower alone this is my favorite alcoholics willpower to stop drinking is the same as anyones after they eat a box of will only get you so far.

Calming down...gonna go watch the movie with my boys.

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Hi Jo, this is my witching hour too. This is the time of day also that when the weather is nice all the kids are out playing in the street and the parents are having cocktails in the driveway. Makes me really want to join. Thankfully, not too many out tonight. Hang in there! We can do it!
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glad you got to the meeting, isn't it great to be good to ourselves

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Jo - I read your post on the train on my phone and choked up and my eyes started tearing. I think the person next to me was wondering what I was on.

Well done! Great first step. We are all very proud of you. Use those telephone numbers!
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i'm so glad you went Jo, and i agree with others, you have a gift for writing!

Instead it may be that group I have been looking for unknowingly for years...I fit right in.
i felt that way as well. and the more i get to know them the better it is! i a have heard it said from other alcoholics that they felt like they 'havent quite fit' their whole life, that was certainly me but i do there at meetings...

USE those phone numbers, woman! You never know you might be keeping one of THEM sober!
Barb.. i am still reluctant to use phone numbers... silly i know!!! but i hadnt looked at it this way. thanks


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