Depression is getting worse again!

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Depression is getting worse again!

I have been under the weather with some kind of virus that has me feeling like he!! and now my depression is worsening.
Yesterday was good. I met a friend for coffee and then out of the blue began feeling awful, so I came home and went to bed and was fine with that.
Now today I am still feeeling bad, but guilty for laying around. My mind is going round and round about all I need to be doing and it's depressing.
I am in no danger of drinking which is what this sight is all about, but I am hurting. If the depression comes back as bad as it was I dont know if I can take it. I already cancelled my ECT appointment because I thought I was feeling better and that the meds were beginning to work. If it returns I would gladly do electric shock therapy (ECT). It seems as if I always post here when it is regarding my health... Probably because this is when I'm most needy. Thanks for listening.
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Hey Girl. Don't you know it, right? I remember when I decided to "quit" my Prozac because "I felt better" and the next thing you know..........I was a mess.

I'm really sorry you're feeling down, I know how horrible that feeling is. Was there for a long time.

Hang in there, tons of hugs!!!
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I hope you feel better, Suzette!
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Toomutch I have not walked in that set of shoes, from what my wife tells me and many others that suffer depression it is hell at times. You will be in my prayers.

I had when I was drinking and first got sober what is called situational depression, sobriety and the steps took me out of that state.
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:ghug3 I hope the depression lifts very soon. Love ya Suzette!
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You feel well enough to do things around the house that brings you joy? Put on some of your favorite music. etc.

Did you ever check this out?
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I was actually thinking of taking a walk. After 2 feet of snow last week we are in the 70's today. Even walking around the house makes my head pound; so I'm not so sure about the walk.
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Hang in there, hon.
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Suzette - Get whatever help you need to please. Don't delay! I mean it with all good intentions and with all my heart. Check your pm's. HUgs - Sarah
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****{Hugs out TooMuch}}} Sending positive energy & prayers your way. Don't worry about posting when it's health related. It's all part of recovery hun.It's part of life.
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Praying for you today, Suzette. You've offered kind words and support in the past when I've been there and here I go right back at you. :ghug3

It's the weekend now, so I'm sure you're probably trying to hold out until tomorrow to call the doc. Please don't wait til then to get help, though, if you feel you can't.

Do you have any other support system there? Maybe doing something with a good friend or a family member who care/knows what's going on can get you out of the house or hang with you for a while?

Thank you for sharing (((Suzette)))
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Prayers for you Suzette.

I hope you will see your doctor tomorrow.
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Yes of course your emotional and physical health is part of your recovery TM.

Wishing you well, you really have had a rough ride. I hope you feel some reprieve very, very soon.
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