Saying Hello

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Saying Hello

Hello ya'll , my name is Brendan and I'm a addict or alcoholic, w/e you prefer here. I am 7 years clean and am trying to renew my recovery in a way. I'm going to try the online things because the real life thing hasn't been working for me (because of me). I know a lot about going through life on lifes terms clean, but sadly stopped the active recovery process long ago. I'm hoping trying recovery in this digital medium can help relight the spark.
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Welcome to SR Bren

Congrats on yr 7 years - hope to see you around some more

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Welcome Brendan! Congrats on 7 years!
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Thanks yall. Actual I get kinda of embarrassed to hear gratz on the 7 years clean because I feel kind of guilty for getting clean then dropping out of recovery. The selfishness is hard to shake no matter how long I havn't used drugs
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I didn't mean to embarrass you.
No harm no foul, Bren.

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Bren - I think it is great that you are focusing on your recovery again. It is awesome that you were self-aware enough to know that you needed to find a good recovery tool to use again - before you got close to a relapse.

SR is a great way to keep active in your recovery but at very flexible hours and in an anonymous way.

We can all learn a lot from you. Please keep posting.
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Welcome to SR.

Hope this way works out for you.

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Welcome to SR Bren!
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Welcome to the site. I am finding it a useful tool to use in conjunction with my outside recovery and it helped me stay sober last night and that's what I needed it for. Congratulations on 7 years and even better, for refocusing to remain sober.
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welcome good to see ya
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Welcome to SR Bren, you know this is an awesome supplement for me in addition to AA.

Let me throw one out there for you to ponder. If you used NA in recovery you may want to consider hitting up some AA meetings, you did say you were an alcoholic correct? You may be pleasantly surprised at the difference from what I have heard in the AA rooms in my area.

We have a lot of "Cross" addicted folks in my area that only go to AA meetings, they say they get more out of AA then NA, I imagine that is not true for all addicts, but for these folks it is. You could be of great benefit to those who are both alcoholic and addicted.

Stick arounfd here to, lots of good folks and I am sure with your clean time you can help folks here as well.
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