Hiya everyone

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Smile Hiya everyone

i am new here. I have had a drink problem since i was 17. I am now 37 and still struggling with it. Over the past year i have got it under control. I was drinking a bottle everday and it was affecting my health. Now i try to stick to just friday. I can not have just one drink. I see a counsellor. I want to get off and stay off alcohol. As it is dangerous for md to drink and it has wrecked relationships. So i am looking for support and understanding to do this. And hopefully i can help others here too.
I am so glad i've found this site. It looks fab!

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to SR Pixie, this is a great place for support and nice to see another Brit on board
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Welcome to SR

Lots of support around here...

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Welcome to SR! We are here to support you in your quest to get and stay sober! Glad you found us and joined the family!
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Hi Pixie37 - that's a great decision you've made! At 37 I was still determined to control my drinking. That was never possible, & I've left a trail of destruction behind me. It never occurred to me to stop all together, but that was the only way for me. You won't ever have to experience the hell most of us have by continuing to let it destroy your life. We're glad you found SR - let us know how you're doing.
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Glad you are here, stick around:-)
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Welcome Pixie.
PS: I've tried only Fridays and it didn't work for me, only Nodays works for me.
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Thank you very much for the kind welcome everyone.
Think you are right sapphie going to have to be no days for me too. And that is going to be a very hard struggle for me.

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Welcome Pixie! I just joined, sober one week and it has been a really great week. Give it a go and quit the booze, can't hurt, right?

I'm in the UK too and have found the AA meetings here really nice.
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hey there pixie,nice to meet you and welcome to sr! i had a drink problem from the age of about 17 too (got taken to an AA meeting at 18) and im 37 also! ive been sober 9 months and it wasnt easy to begin with,i was an everyday allday drinker (chronic alki actually) but it is so worth it.i couldnt get and stay sober on my own so i went to life has changed beyond recognition in a very short is great these days.a complete turn around! sr is a wonderful resource in mine and lots of others folks recovery.i wish you well and welcome again.
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hello fellow brit, you will find loads of support and info here, this site is great!
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Thank you all.
Yeah i was taken to AA when i was 18 but just didn't take it seriously. I spent 3 months at AA last year but couldn't stop. I left and then stuck with counsellor. I have ended up on my 1st bad binge over weekend. Got through 4 bottles and i've just scared myself. I do not want to go back the way i was stupid. Thought i could handle bottles in my house again. But no stupid me eh just drunk the lot.

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when you say you tried AA pixie,do you mean you went to meetings or got a sponsor and worked the steps? there is a huge difference.i went back four years ago,and just sat in didnt work.this time when i went at the begining of the year i did it differently.i looked for another woman who had a sparkle in her eye and a quiet confidence and asked her to be my sponsor.since working the steps i have no cravings or no desire to drink.the problem has been removed.
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I was taken to many meetings at AA last year. I got a sponser but she kept letting me down and i just couldn't stop. So i had to leave but i stopped the everyday drinking myself with help of the counsellor. If i can do that maybe now i can actually get off it now completely myself with counsellor. I need to refocus and do i set a date to quit completely?
Thank you.

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How about November 2, 2009?
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yeh,today is as good a day as any?
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Welcome to SR Pixie37, today I would think to be the best day. Alcoholism is a progressive disease, it gets worse with evey drink, it never gets better, it never levels off, it always gets worse.

Have you mentioned AA to your counselor?

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Welcome to our recovery community
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Hi Pixie. Bet you'll get all kinds of great insight here. Welcome to SR!!
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