Who's idea was this anyway?

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it's all happening
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Who's idea was this anyway?

Just got done hosting a Halloween party for a gaggle of six year old boys. Did I really agree to stop drinking?


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You're doing great!

I bet the kids had fun!
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it's all happening
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They did! My nerves are frayed, though.
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I totally know where you are coming from. I just got done with an inside trick or treat at the school and a dance for the kids where they had strobe lights going. I have a wicked headache and am very, very . . . tired. Yup! Bed sounds wonderful.

(BTW - my boy is 6 turning 7 this coming month. ) You go Mom! Party for 6 year olds will fray anyone's nerves.
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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Penny - I must admit that I had a good laugh, as I have three kids around that age and I know, ohh, do I know.

I carved pumpkins with them tonight and I was driven to sugar - just so I could keep up with them.

For those of you reading and thinking that kids will be a motivator to stop drinking alcoholically, let Penny and I tell you that - nope.
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I am sorry Penny but when I read your post I R O F L M A O

It brought back some great memories.

I was 4 1/2 months sober and the Alano Club I spent a lot of time at planned a Halloween Party for all the youngsters of those that attended. Now mind you I had not been around little ones for a while by then, as my last years of drinking were spent on the street, I was 36 years old, ended up sitting on the floor with the littlier tykes 4 and under and I had the most fun I had had in years!!!!!! Got to be a little kid again for the first time in many years.

Now just look at you, you got through it, probably had at least a little fun, and you are still sober!

WAY TO GO!!!!!

You did good!!

Love and hugs,
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well done, kids can drive you to drink easily
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That would drive me straight back to candy
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Originally Posted by brixkwall View Post
well done, kids can drive you to drink easily
Funny, never had a problem driving myself........
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I.... am.... so... tired.... parades, parties and a crazy week at work. Thank goodness Halloween was not tonight. Need the break in between the school stuff and the trick or treating!!!
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Penny, Keep up your good work!!
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Good job, Penny! I had a kid filled week, too. I'm beat. I hear ya, traderjane!!

Went to a grown up party tonight...first time out. I drank 2 Sprites. I actually can't believe it. I did leave early, tho. It's gonna take some time for me to get used to going to things like that and not drinking.
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I'm glad you were a sober hostess Mom
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