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Wow - this thread hit me. Pennylane, I said these words "I just need to settle down and not drink so much at one time - then i won't be such a drama queen, or then I won't make a fool of myself, I WILL CONTROL MYSELF etc.." right before my world crashed. I had been toying with the idea of changing for some time then I would talk myself out of it and that went on and on. I believe this to be my addicted brain talking to me when I get those "I wonder if I can just do this" thoughts.
I worry for you - because I know we all have these thoughts and they can be SO convincing. My solution to these thoughts is to have a good look at what has changed inside myself since I started recovery - or better yet, what has changed outside of me since I started recovery - a gratitude list works wonders for me.
Only a suggestion.

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How about this angle: Do I really want to stop drinking? I realized I wanted to stop drinking without resolving whether or not I was (or was heading towards) alcoholic. That was over 7 months of sobriety ago.
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Originally Posted by Aysha View Post
It doent matter what anyone else thinks. Its how you feel.
I agree with this so in the netherlands weed is legal...and i often am not understood or made fun of when i say im addicted to the stuff...
I stopped caring about the comments, all I know is that when I start smoking i can't quit and that counts as addiction for me personally...
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