Checked out my first "in person" meeting tonight...

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Donnie & Jane, depending on how many meetings there are and how large a town you live in you may find totally different people in every single meeting.

When I first got out of detox I grabbed a meeting list and if I liked a certain meeting I would circle it and go back to it, if I did not like a certain meeting I would stratch through it and the following week go to a different meeting that night. In 3 weeks I had a regualr set of meetings that I went to for many many months.

Since finishing the steps and now having sponsees I work with I go to 3 meetings a week with out fail, my home group if at all possible I never miss.

Every group is made up of members of that (Home group) group plus any one else in the fellowship that shows up. Even though I have a home group if some one is looking for me they know what other meetings I go to on a regular basis.

Just keep going, I can assure you that you will find meetings you do not like... not to worry, just go to another meeting on that night the following week.

Funny thing, but meetings over time are pretty fluid, you will find a core group that have been going to a certain meeting for YEARS, but over the course of time people just change meetings to mix thing up.
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A lot of home groups share the same meeting place, so your second meeting was most likely a different group. That's not a bad thing however, as I said earlier that different groups have different people who have different perspectives. But by all means anchor yourself in whatever meeting you're most comfortable with. Then you can shop around to find other meetings that you like.
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In the beginning I went to as many meetings as possible and also found different nights had different groups. It's kinda cool it's a fellowship with such diversity.

Congratulations! oh and good for you having an open mind to just let the prayer go on around you if you are not into it personally.

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