Scared of meetings

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Glad you had a good experience. Meetings for me are hit and miss, sometimes I walk away feeling spiritual and sometimes I walk away wanting a drink. I've found that trying out different meetings is great because every meeting is unique. I'm thankful that I live in an area where I have options.
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The AA cliche is: "Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth". Never liked that cliche much..... Kind'a like to hear "LISTEN" & look for the similarities NOT the differences.

Best of luck on your recovering journey, Hon! The hardest part with going to meetings is just getting through the door. Once your inside, your welcomed with love and open arms!

Take GOOD care! xxxx
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Originally Posted by ashleek View Post
The meeting I went to lastnight was a wonderful thing! They were all so funny and I was so thankful to them because they made the meeting for me since I was the only newcomer! It was so amazing, it was like they were all talking to me, well they were all talking to me. I haven't laughed so much in so long and it feels so good to laugh. I forgot what it was like to be happy. They have another meeting tonight and I am so looking forward to going. They were mostly all old timers and it was such a wonderful thing. I feel like God was really working for me lastnight. Since I hadn't been to a meeting I hadn't really been in all that great of a mood. I came home lastnight and I was so happy and i wasn't thinking about using, a pill never crossed my mind. Thank you God and thank you SR for listening to me and being so supportive. It is day 16 sober and damn it feels great!
keep searching till you find a home group.. you will know it when you find it! (maybe you already did!?):ghug2
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Great News
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Thats wonderful!! I am so glad your second try was successful!
I dont go to meetings myself. But not because I dont like them. I just dont do 12 step. But still thats no reason not to go. I just choose not to.
But when i did go I found it to be very uplifting. I felt really energized after leaving.
I was scared to go too the first time. And yes I got bored toward the end. But all in all it wasnt bad.
I hope you continue to go.
I am so glad it helped with your urges.
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I went to that same meeting tonight and wow!! They really opened my eyes to something that I had shut my eyes on for a long time. I should be greatful for what I have because it could always be worse and has been. So instead of moping around, poor pitiful, I need to focus on the positive. They spoke of a man who was found dead and it was this guys bff from back in the day. Well he was suprised to learn he was dead and wondered how he died. Come to find out he was found dead on the side of the road in a snow bank froze to death bc he was drunk. This other guy said he has been moaning about his toilet because it has been leaking and driving him crazy, he got an email today that one of the little boys on his son's soccer team his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2008 his father had died of cancer. That child could be left without parents.

So, how freakin good do I have it? Pretty good. I'm sober, thank the good lord above. I have my husband and my son, my family and I am happy again. I can laugh, I can dance in the living room like a fool with my two year old son and watch him laugh till he can't breathe. I mean, how much more rich can I get. Money would be nice but ya know what I don't even care about that because there is someone tonight who is cold, under a bridge with nothing to eat shooting dope. I need to be more thankful for what I do have. Thank you SR for being here for me, thank you God, I am so greatful!!
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