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it's all happening
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I did some reading on post acute withdrawal syndrome, and saw that it can cause you to be jumpy. Nice to know that's normal, because I haven't been this jumpy in years. I have a touch of PTSD (self diagnosed) that comes from having my own person stalker in high school (yay me!) ... it flared up again after Sept. 11 (I was in NYC) and in the past few years it's calmed down a lot. I almost thought it was gone, since I couldn't remember the last time someone scared the pants off my just by walking around the corner of the hallway.

It's back, big time. I am screaming like a thrasher movie heroine 10 times a day. Now I'm wide awake because someone's car alarm in the neighborhood went off, somewhere far down the block, and I woke up with a racing heart and thought we were being robbed.

Please, someone tell me this goes away. Please. I can't stand this feeling.
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Anxiety is perfectly normal in early sobriety Penny, at least it was for me and lots of other people here.

I think it's natural - all of a sudden we have all these feelings and nothing to numb them with. Then there's the physical ramifications of a body repairing itself to consider as well.

Seeing your doctor or exploring therapy can help if the anxiety is too crippling. Have you ever thought about getting that PTSD self diagnosis verified?

I've always been very anxious - and still am in many ways - but the heightened kind of anxiety of early recovery settled down for me after a few weeks or so

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when i first came in to recovery i was up then down, in then out, then angry then sad, then happy then full of guilt. basically all over the place. dont worry it does get better.

god bless
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