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I will tell you what one of the leading experts on alcoholism and drug addiction told me just before I went into medical detox when I mentioned maybe I should try quitting smoking at the same time. He told me to first deal with the greater of the 2 evils my drinking first. Once I was on solid footing with my sobriety then tackle the smoking. This doctor was very much for quitting smoking from what his staff had told me so I was a bit surprised when he told me this.

Well I quit smoking on my one year sober anniversary, it was almost as hard to quit as the drinking had been, the doctor was right, there was no way I could have quit both at the same time. I have been alcohol free for over 3 years and smoke free for over 2 years now.

I would suggest that if smoking is helping you deal with the craving right now then do it, but once you are SOLID in your sobriety then quit the smoking. That was my experience.
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I smoke only at night and outside. After work it just calms me during the witching hour (5-8). I have gone 3 days without drinking and am feeling good so far. Especially like to smoke after dinner when I should already have a good buzz going. A smoke blunts the stinging of the wanting. I quit chewing tobacco 7 years ago, and I am back with the tobacco starting last year, I found out that a smoke during a good buzz enhances the feeling tremendously. Damn. It was totally by accident. I hated smokers. But I tried it while I was buzzed and holy freaking crap, what a boost and thats how I got on it, well, back on it. What is sad is that I said to myself, how about if I chew again? I can hide it easier! Jeez, the crap we do to get a buzz...
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