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aasharon90 said "At 19 yrs sober Im just one day away from a drunk if i dont have the principles and steps of recovery to guide me along my journey in life.

Very True! I did 5 1/2 years sober on my own. Then when I got slammed by life events (sort of a "Perfect Storm" of crap), I didn't have sufficient skills to meet the challenge. I'm working to prevent that from happening again.
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Hi Matt, I have already wished you the best in your recovery but had another thought since this was bumped.

How about coming back to post your positive updates for the newcomers every once in a while. Giving back & helping others always feels goood & is part of recovery.

Take Care,

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To Thine Own Self Be True
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Best of luck to you Matt.
I do understand where you are coming from. I went back and forth on that when I was in my first year as well. And like others have said here...I do my best to practice moderation in all areas of my life
I can't help but throw out a "Please be careful and don't drink, no matter what" It is the Mom in me but I am concerned about you as you are so green and new to sobriety.
Good luck!!!
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Well, I'm on my way
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Will miss you, Matt. Best of luck. May your journey be joyful!!!!
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Hi Matt, :ghug2

I wish you ALL the VERY BEST in your Sobriety Journey and in Life. Maybe one day you will come back but until then...Please take care of yourself and live life to the fullest. "One Day at a time!"

Love Pancake xo
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Best Wishes to you in your continued recovery
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I like your thinking Matt in that we sometimes get so absorbed in something it consumes all our thoughts. I took a similar approach but waited until I had one year sobriety.

Take a look at my join date and (sporadic) post history; I come back here when I need to and the cool thing is I have always felt welcome and part of a family.

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I did this at the beginning of the year, i sincerely hope it turns out better for you than it did for me:-)
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