stranded between sobriety and use/

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stranded between sobriety and use/

Stranded between sobriety and use. I am stuck between using and not using alcohol. My name isn't important my age is 21. I am a binge drinker that uses the drink passivlely and in large quantities. When I abstaine for a few days I can feel the withdrawl symptoms physicaly,mentally, and emotionally. Help?
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Alcoholism is a primary, progressive, chronic, and always fatal if not treated (not drinking at all). Who knows if you're an alcoholic? You can google self-assessments, you can talk to a substance abuse professional, you can listen to your own heart and mind. If you are an alcoholic, even ea.rly stage,there is no middle ground as you will always progress. Early stage is easier to manage than later stage plus you probably haven't done much damage, physically, emotionally, or otherwise. If you want to stop or are thinking about it,you've got this site, AA meetings, your MD, therapist, spiritual practice. There's plenty of support out there if you want what we have--which is sobriety with serenity. All my best, keep reading and posting.
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I was also a very heavy binge drinker at your age. I knew then I had a problem, but never admitted it till many years later. Get help now, you have along life ahead of you, dont drink it away.
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Hi and Welcome,

I'm glad you are here, seeking information.

As Cool said, alcoholism is a progressive disease and it will get worse unless you stop. Have you talked to your dr because detoxing from alcohol can be dangerous?

Take a look around and read and learn. There is lots of support here!
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Welcome blinds.

This is a great place to read, post and get support.
Look forward to see you around.

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Welcome to SR blinds. There are a lot of great folks here, you are not alone in this.
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I'm not clear on what kind of help you desire, but welcome to SR...!
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