Anyone stay on SR with a drink in hand?

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i joined this forum with a drink in hand =\
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Originally Posted by effortjoy View Post
Anyone stay on SR with a drink in hand?.. Is it okay to drink and read posts?
I was a SR "guest" for over 3 years... I had the website bookmarked, and lurked, reading posts while drunk. I've also done that a few times, after I'd signed up.

Only you can decide if doing so is okay - we are responsible for our actions. I prefer to avoid judgement. Personally, I'd rather not do it again

Take care.
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I'm new, but I do believe that when you post 'drunk', which is guaranteed to be a time of honesty of many alcoholics, you should declare so in the subject. This allows users who are sensitive to other user's actions to ignore subjects that are difficult.
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I read this forum many many times drunk and sometimes I read it while in a blackout, because I would wake up to find this window open...subconscious trying to tell me something I suppose...but I never posted anything...I would just read and cry and hope that one day I could post something about how many days I had and how wonderful life is sober...and it is!!! 25 days and counting =)
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This was a good point brought up by some: posting whilst drinking. I still drink alcohol, as ive explained ive been successful in 'moderating' it, but I respect everyones problems and I will NOT post when im drinking. So whenever you see a post by me it will be on my milkshake days. I respect you guys too much to be an A-hole and come here drunk.
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