Day 6: Annoying eye twitches and keeping on the path

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Day 6: Annoying eye twitches and keeping on the path

Soon it will be a week without any alcohol, which to some may not seem like a lot while to others it may seem like an eternity.

The eye twitches, which I recently discovered were an alcohol withdrawal symptom, were as bad as ever yesterday. It was certainly an annoyance and a challenge, but I told myself that drinking would have even worse consequences.

I went to try and visit an old friend who has been sober nearly two years now. Unfortunately, she wasn't at her work so I did not get to sit down and talk to her yet. We have a lot in common professionally and drinking-wise so I think it would be helpful to reach out to her.

I know that I will need a support group to do this as it is not something to do alone.
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Your doing great!

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Michael - I know how bothersome eye twitching can be. I had it in early recovery, and during some stressful times.

staying sober is worth it, the twitching should soon go away.
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I have twitching, but I have it in different places all over my body. At random, something will just start twitching...some days it's worse than others.

Pretty calm today, though...
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Wow!! I had no idea those eye twitches were related to recovery! I had them for about 2 months after I got sober. They tappered off slowly in my 3rd month. Wow. Interesting. I didn't associate it with my recovery. Thanks for the illumination.

Hang in there. You are doing great. Just stay sober today. (Sorry for the cliche, but keeping my thought focused on each day really helped me in the earliest days and months.) I still have to do that, actually. I only have 7 1/2 months so it's not like I'm an old timer.

Also, remember that it really do get better. It is slow and painful but you will look up one evening and realize that you haven't thought about alcohol all day.

Rooting for you, MLE
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I suffered from twitches too.

Amazing how quick you forget though.

Haven't even thought about twitches for weeks now until I read this.

Good to remember why I don't want to go back there.
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I was also wondering why I was getting eye twitches wowsers!
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everything is already ok
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Congrats Micheal, have you seen a doctor yet?

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The twitches mean you're beating that monster. You're doing Great!
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I've been having the same problem.. I'm on day 12
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I was the opposite and had the twitching sometimes when drinking or hungover. I had actually forgot about that problem until you brought it up just now as I do not remember experiencing it in my 59 days sober this time. Hmm...yet another thing to be grateful for.
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Welcome to SR ladyybug

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Welcome to the Forum Ladyybug!!
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I had the eye twitches too...they subsided and eventually stopped all together after a few months.

Stay the course. You'll see improvement in time.
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