Tips for handling Social Events

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Smile Tips for handling Social Events

I have been sober since 3oth November but this is the first time that I am going to a social event with alcohol present. Its a special family event so I need to be there. Any tips or ideas welcome.
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For me....

It is very important for me to keep a nonalcoholic drink in my hand and stay involved in conversations with people that I am comfortable with. It is also a good thing if I eat before hand.

Good luck!

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Yes...please check your PM for mine

Welcome to our recovery community
Well done on your sober time.
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Hi Mary,

Congratulations on your sobriety!

For me, I've found that trying to be mentally prepared helps. Remind yourself that drinking is not an option and stay focused on chatting with family and friends or helping with the event. I find that making sure I eat something so I'm not hungry helps a lot too. And, step outside if you need to breathe and be prepared to leave early, if necessary.
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First of all, I want to say congrats on your soberity and welcome to SR!

I'd like to suggest taking a friend who is also in Recovery, a Sponsor, if you go to meetings or at least someone with a fair amt. of clean time to be supportive of you. Most Family get togethers don't mind someone either bringing a date, spouse and or a friend. It helped me my first few social gatherings where I knew alcohol would be flowing, to have someone with me who didn't drink and knew my circumstances.

I think taking your own car, or the friend's car is a great idea. Perhaps you could let a few people know not too long after you get there that if you leave a little early, it's not that you don't want to be there, but you weren't feeling good earlier in the day. This way, if you have to bow out early, no one would be surprised or offended. You still made your appearance but have an easy out if need be.

Sometimes we may have to tell a little fib in order to protect our Sobriety that we've worked so hard for. I think our HP would forgive us for something like this. I think you'll be just fine!

God Bless,
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I just did a wedding last weekend completely sober. What worked for me was always keeping an non-alcoholic drink in my hand. For me there's definitely a habitual aspect to my drinking. I used to smoke and whenever anyone lit up a cigarette I'd always have to light up too. Same with drinking. If someone's standing there taking a drink, I just feel compelled to take a drink as well, regardless of what I'm holding. Also, as everyone else said, make sure you have a way out. If going by car, try to drive yourself. If not check bus schedules, train schedules etc. As soon as you see things getting out of hand, get out. From my experience, albeit limited, there's nothing potentially more dangerous than being stuck in a sticky situation, feeling anxious and trapped.
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Hi and welcome.

For me, I keep lots of phone numbers handy - of friends who are in recovery. I had a close call recently and ended up going through the list until I got someone. I ended up talking to several friends and decided to pack up and leave.
You are wise to be thinking ahead - I did not on this particular occasion, and it very nearly cost me.
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Thank you everyone for you comments, they have helped me greatly!!


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Get a coke on the rocks in a cocktail glass, and a swizzle stick. Stir it often just like you would a cocktail. Just sip on it. If anyone offers you a drink, refuse and point to your full one. I have done this in the past with good success.
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