High Bottom Functional Drunk

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i had a job that Paid Very Good at the End of my Drinking.. had i not Quit Drinking and That job i Know i would Not be here Today!
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jfreak - if you can 'function' that well with alcohol, just imagine what you can do without it!

I am also high functioning blah blah blah alcoholic. But I have had 51 fantastic days where I have not had a hangover, and that in and of itself is worth it. Besides that, I have saved money so I can travel and do something nice for myself this holiday season.

Quitting drinking has brought a lot of things up that I have been desperately trying to ignore. (picture fingers in ears 'la la la la la') So in that aspect it has been difficult. But putting these things off would not make them any better or go away. I am thankful for this chance to live my life with all faculties intact. Why kill more brain cells?
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High-functioning alcoholic...this phrase always makes me smile...whatever makes you feel better i guess:-)
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Psalm 118:24
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In terms of $$ money spent, what's a case of say beer cost now?? $25.00?? A night or two out at the bars a week close to $50.00 or so. Add that total up for a month. Pretty soon, you're talking house payment or car payment etc.

That's why, music stars and movie actors etc. take a lot longer to hit a bottom then Joe six pack. My last drunk came in at over $12,000. I can't play no games any more.
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I too can very much relate to your post as that was also me.

Over the past few months, I have been re-evaluating my concept of a "high functioning alcoholic". When I first stopped drinking, I needed the concept of a HFA as a way to help me differentiate myself from the low bottom drunks.

But, as I have gotten more experienced, I learned that the difference is really where we each have gotten off that downward elevator. HFA's get less support from people around them (sometimes), because they haven't had the typical symptoms -- and for me, this was hard. But, once I realized that I was stopping drinking for me alone, then I saw the gift that I had... the gift of being able to stop before worse things happened to me.

One of my favorite books that helped early in my sobriety is called: Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic: Professional Views and Personal Insights; by Sarah Allen Benton.

My disease was progressing just like any other alcoholics.

Now, I no longer identify myself as an HFA (unless I am working with someone else and this helps us to identify with one another). I identify myself as an alcoholic who is one drink away from being right back on that elevator that stops six feet under.

I found that life was a lot better without alcohol and I am much more content than when I was drinking. And, it gets easier ...
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Too far from the beach
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There is no such thing as a functional alcoholic. You are not fooling anyone.
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Well. I fell for it again. Another old thread and the original op probably isn't even around any more. I need to look at dates.
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Psalm 118:24
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lol me too. At two posts I doubt they're around as well
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lol me three. Well, posts always help me too, so not all is lost.
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