Two steps forward one step back!!!

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Unhappy Two steps forward one step back!!!

God I hate it!! I'm on my 33rd day sober and I'm having somewhat of a rough time right now!! I feel anxious again! last night I had a hard time falling asleep and I took that stupid anxiety pill to get me through! I've had enough of tossing and turning, rushing thoughts in my head and night sweats. I don't think that last nights episode was as bad as the ones I had two to three weeks ago but I had to take the drug. A sedative just like drinking a beer (another sedative)!!! How long will this thing go on!?!

Other health issues are affecting me right now that probably are making this thing worst. But I was given extended leave from work so no pressure from there. Right now my state of mind fluctuates so much from day to day that I don't think I could go back to work and function properly! I just hope there was some sort of consistency that could demonstrate that I'm getting better. (Like falling asleep when ever I feel tired without popping a pill or tea of some sort)
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It seems to take a long time for the sleep issues to work themselves out. It took a long time before I got a 'normal' nights sleep. If your dr prescribed the sedative, then I think you are doing the right thing.
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This is just mumbo jumbo... but my 7 year old has an uncanny nack of finding the positive in any situation... you spill milk at dinner and she will say... well at least it didn't get on the floor...

When she broke her arm she said... "at least it is not my right hand (called it her coloring hand)... "

I am looking at this thinking... look how much you have to look forward to... when you can sleep the night through... think how much you will appreciate it!

... keep at it... you can do it... it gets better!
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Wow you're child has sure made me wanna change my way of thinking. I am on a time of positive. I understood a couple of days ago positive brings positive.Congratulations....
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33 days sober is a miracle - well done! It probably doesn't feel like cause for celebration when you can't sleep and feel poorly, but just hang in there, and take the meds when you need to. Like Anna said, your sleeping patterns will work themselves out. It's fortunate that you are off work right now and don't have to worry about functioning at a job during the day. Take this time to rest and take care of yourself. It WILL get better. Please keep posting if it helps - we'll be here.

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Congrats on 33 days. I understand how you're feeling. My sleeping has been a problem since I got sober, too. Although, I don't really know if it was a problem before because I always passed out drunk to get to sleep. I'm at 56 days and still having trouble. I was prescribed trizadone at detox, which I try to take only once or twice a week. Other nights when I don't want to take it, I'll get so anxious about not being able to fall asleep that I'll give up and stay up all night, which is really a rediculous "solution" to my problem because then I'm exhausted throughout the whole next day. It's somewhat comforting to hear that it took Anna a while to regulate her sleeping. I've been getting so worried about this that going to sleep has become something I dread because I hate not being able to fall asleep. If anyone knows how long it takes to straighten out sleeping habits in the long run (even though I know 56 days is not a long time,) could you please let me know?
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41 days and still working on it myself guys...more 'normal' nights as the weeks go on though...

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Well done on the 41 days, D!
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Congratulations on your sober time, YOU ROCK.

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I saw my psychiatrist today, I haven't seen him in over six months. I just stopped going. I finally told him everything about my drinking and he was very good about it. He also treats addictions which I didn't know. I'm not too far behind you, 24 days sober now and I'm having a shocking time sleeping as well. He gave me some sleeping pills which I will use sparingly. I'm still working (shift work) and if I don't sleep tonight I feel like I'm going to have a melt down. We discussed the pill verses alcohol topic and he assured me that i will be fine if I stick to his plan. So for now, I will. Good luck and keep it going.
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let it grow!
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keep coming back, new! k
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