Smyle (My Beezy) has ONE YEAR TODAY!!!!

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Smyle (My Beezy) has ONE YEAR TODAY!!!!

my beezy has a year today.....

beezy.....i would not have made it this last 6 months without you......i love you so much, you are one of the best friends i have ever had and i cherish the day you came into my life, and every day since......

you are amazing.....

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Way to go Beezy! You are an inspiration to so many people! Keep up the good work.

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let it grow!
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one year is great! congrats, k
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beezy, you are a truly beautiful person. if anyone deserves happiness, it's you. awesome job on staying sober this past year with all the trials and tribulations you've had. now you can stay sober through anything.
i'm proud of you
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Dopeless Hope Fiend
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Very have helped me too by sharing your story with me! I would love to hear your story actually and think I may have to do some searching and see if I can find it...OR you could always post again HOW you go tinto recovery..I would really love to hearit if you don't mind??!!!
love north
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not a greeter
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Congrats Smyle . One year is so great !!!
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AWESOME!!!!!!! Congrats!!! Ayla is right..... you are truely an inspiriation!!!! We love you!!!

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I never saw this and do apologize for not responding....

((((((AYLA))))))) Thanks and I love you !!!
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I came to recovery like we all do, at the very bottom. I was a wreck and was just about to lose everything to drugs. I mean everything. I was in legal trouble. Lost my professional license so had no job. H kicked me to the curb and I basically sai F-it and decided I was done chasing that high. It was mid July 2005.....sucked...

went to a few meetings...started seeing and addiction counselor, dropped the meetings. Started meditating, reading more about my addiction/behavior.

Cleaned up went to jail, got out , begged my H to take me back, he finally did-whew- talk about humble pie.

Relapsed-- in Jan i think ?? but I owned it and was accountable..kept seeing my counselor --we made some MAJOR changes in our lives--we moved into the country (of sorts) he he and I made some minor adjustments in my recovery.
was doing fine...then one more relapse in May 06 and It was a weekend bender but my H for some reason took me back and I made a serious commitment to my recovery and here I am...still working MY program and it has it's bumps but I have been commited.

so I have rambled my recovery story in a nutshell....keep working yours, I admire your determination.

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beezymae lou
i love you!

i never heard your full story. whoa. thanks for was good to hear.

you have meant so much to me in my 9 months here...and i'm so glad to have met you and have you in my life. **{hugs}}
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congrats beezy your an inspiration to us all
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Thumbs up


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yes...after 15 years of using I am so very proud to have one year !!!!

Thanks to you all !!!!
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congrats on the 1 year..that's awsome..
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One year is awesome!!
You should feel extremely proud of yourself.
I never made it to having 1 year clean, i fall and start over and over again.
I will lookup to you for inspiration.
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beth..I will also look up to you for inspiration !!!

so glad you are here and posting....

missed you and i know peach misses you
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