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Question Honest Question


I'm not sure if I have an addiction problem or not, but I am worried enough to ask others what they think... with the anonymous screen of the web in the way, of course.

4 Years ago, I had a back surgery that didn't go well - my only other option was a three level spinal fusion, and I didn't want it, since artificial discs are on the way. (Well, they're here, but only approved for one level, and workers comp still considers them experimental.)

I'm in daily, moderate to severe pain, depending on activity. I take 200mg ketoprofen ER twice a day, as an anti-inflamatory. I take 10-20mg oxycodone every 4 hours when I'm really having a bad pain night. I never take it in the daytime (I drive in the course of my job.) I never take it on a weekend night, unless I had to work that day (which is rare.)

My doctor moved, and referred me to a pain clinic. They are having me go through a new physical therapy program (which I've done before. I'm hopeful that it will help, but from expereince, I don't expect much.) Until I finish it, they don't want to prescribe anything except the ketoprofen.

Now heres the addicition question. I learned that 1/2 of the oxycodone is lost taking it orally. So, I started taking 1/2 the amount, and preparing it for injection, and using my insulin needles (I'm diabetic) to take it iv - to make it last twice as long, so I don't run out before PT is over, and I either feel better, or am put back on a pain killer other than the anti-inflamatory.

I still don't take it during the day, or on a weekends, or if I'm not in pain. I don't get any sort of high from it, I just get partial pain relief.

But the fact that I'm using it in a way not prescribed has me worried that it could lead to bad things.

Any thoughts?
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Hi and Welcome,

I do understand how hard it is to live with chronic pain.

I think your behaviour is causing you to question yourself and that is good. I think the best thing you could do, would be to tell the people in the pain clinic what you are doing. Your dr there believes that the physio will help or at least they want to reevaluate your situation. I think you need to trust that they are doing the right thing and you will improve and not need the medication you've been taking. When you start sneaking and 'cheating', you are heading for the slippery downward slope and I think that's why you came here. You know you're doing the wrong thing.
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We all need each other.
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Hello Oryyn--Welcome to SR. Glad you found us.

I agree with Anna and think the fact that you are questioning your behavior is a good indication that you are at least heading toward addiction if not already there. I would suggest hanging around here for a while and doing some reading. See if you can relate. I know that Oxycodone is nothing to mess around with. Of course, I also know that when taken AS PRESCRIBED and only when really needed, pain killers do not have to be addictive.

Do what your heart is telling you to do. I hope you will stick around!!
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i have found that it is my thinking that makes me an addict not the pills or the amount of pills that i took or the way i injested them or what time of day i took them. i have to change my thinking so that i dont use again. i started using the pills when i was hurt in an accident for pain as well, but i was an addict long before i ever took the 1st one. they were just the way i chose to express the addiction.

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If you are shooting your prescribed oral meds...that is a problem....

be safe....keep posting

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