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hi, need to get off seroquel and benzos.. want to sleep healthy



hi, need to get off seroquel and benzos.. want to sleep healthy

Old 07-01-2012, 04:31 AM
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hi, need to get off seroquel and benzos.. want to sleep healthy

Hi everyone.

My insomnia is really bad and while I have been on dangerous doses in the past of medication. Valeria, tea, exercise didnīt do the trick anymore so I went to a doctor 13 years ago who prescribed a low dosage of sleeping medication.

Fastfoward a bit: I have been now the past four years, daily on a high dose (6-8mg of xanax, 400mg of Seroquel). This might sound bad, but I have been on stronger sleeping pills, anti-anxiety and anti-depressants for more then 10 years, and tried out whole the pharmacy catalogue thanks to doctors who prescribed stronger and more stuff and my addictive personality who was happy to get easy prescriptions.

Benzos are for two-four weeks maximum, not four years. And I donīt even dare to think about what four years of Seroquel has done and how to get off that.

Once a friend who was worried about me finally told me to quit the pills, I stopped taking them and woke up in an ambulance 7 sleepless days later. I was unable to eat or do a thing, hence why I am very nervous right now of checking myself in in 10 days in a hospital.

My doctor told me Iīll most likely be on seroquel for the rest of my life but I disagree. I didnīt need them when I was 17... why should I need them now? I think a mental problem can be treated, just as a fracture or a broken knee.

If anybody reads this, and considers taking benzoīs such as Xanax... ask for a second or a third opinion since they are highly addictive and might wreck your life even more. Donīt trust psychiatrists that easily since half of them are happier to prescribe then to talk and find the cause of medication. Not saying medication is bad, but consider it very carefully.

Anyone who got of seroquel successfully? And catches 7-8 hours of sleep in a healthy way, and feels fine, after having a past with meds?

I should also say I take valerian and 3mg of melatonin, but itīs the xanax and seroquel and its sideffects which ruin my life (no concentration, apathy, sexual problems, etc) I want to get out of my system. I donīt want to rely on alcohol when I get off it finally, or be anxious.. anyone has tips please ?

Thanks a bunch for reading all of that I tried to keep it as short as possible but that didnīt work out well.


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Benzos were horrible for me.....withdrawals were so scary, and I started getting addicted......I know why I cant sleep......still drinking.....sigh
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