Interesting NY Times Article

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Interesting NY Times Article

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Addiction is a thief. I remember my ex as he was, standing tall and proud in his dress uniform, getting a third Purple Heart pinned on by then President GWB. I see him now, looking two decades older than he actually is (he's 34), shambling around, incoherent, suffering from alcoholic dementia. So sad.
My older son's father passed away from cancer in 2013 and that was a terrible loss. This business of grieving a living person who is lost through addiction is almost harder in a way. There is always that hope that he will seek recovery and be the man and the father he ought to be, however unlikely it is.
Thanks Zoso.
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That was a very moving article, Zoso, and sadly a common story. I pray for the addicts and I pray for the children, it's a terrible way to live.
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A life in freefall.

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This was a good article. There are so many losses that come with this. So many consequences.
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