How can my AH disappeared and just abandon our children?

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If you are in charge of your daughters cell phone accounts you can block him from contacting them right now. Base it on his instability and facts. Do you really want an unstable addict having access to a 13 and 15 year old? The damage he could do to them emotionally right now is not worth taking that chance.

Protecting your kids at all costs right now is a must. Allow some counseling under their belts and yours then figure out a plan together for if or when he can contact them.
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Once again thank you all for helping bring me around to reality! Right now I don't know what I do without you. Thank you for your patience and kindness. I didn't even think about blocking the phones. It seems so simple yet it didn't even occur to me. So I got that done.

I mentioned my mom and dad and their addictions. You know it didn't even occur to me until now, I'm repeating history with my husband. I went with what I knew. My mom lived and thrived and my dad shot out his heart until he needed a transplant. He died when I was 15 but he took off when I was 12. I just got a phone call one day that he had a massive heart attack. Everything I've written on here, everything I've said, every fear I've mentioned, every anxiety is what I went through with my dad. Trying to find him when I was so young after he just left and disappeared after having dedicated so much of my childhood to having to be an adult taking care of him, and he just kept using and then took off suddenly. Used until his heart gave out. The same thing my AH is doing now. My mom though was so strong. She became such a success. She's proof that it can be done and an addict can thrive. All the men, all the partying and drink and one day she decided to just stop. And she did. All on her own, no support nothing. She just did it. I don't know how now but I thank God there's someone he help save for us. Sorry for being so random.
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