Declare Independence

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Declare Independence

Hi folks,

I'm entering a new phase in my recovery and I feel inspired to share some things that are giving me strength (aside from the wisdom and community I receive in my NarAnon groups, as well as my participation here on SR).

The first is a song by Bjork – Declare Independence. Here's a link to the video, which is cool, but my focus in sharing is on the music:

Björk - Declare Independence (Official HD Music Video) - YouTube

It's a strong, anti-colonial song which I can appreciate in a broad political sense, but I also see it on a more individual level: I feel like I have been colonized by something that is not me and I need a revolution, internally. I don't deny my responsibility in all that has happened, but there are things that were clearly out of my control during my entire childhood that "set me up" to be colonized.... This song helps me steel myself for battle.


Another thing I want to share is a film: Hedwig and the Angry Inch. There is too much for me to say about this, really. I have been inspired by it since I first saw it in 2001 (I think), but right now, at this point in my recovery, it is revealing more that is helping me to LET GO.... It's an incredible, magical film that tells the story of one of the greatest heroes I've ever encountered in cinema or literature (Hedwig). It's a story about one person's struggle for self-definition, self-acceptance, and self-identity. Hedwig goes on a hero's journey and suffers for it, but comes out stronger, and WHOLE.

I don't know what each of you here on SR are dealing with, personally, and I can't assume that my struggles are the same as yours, but I urge you to take an hour and half and see a truly epic story. We all have our tastes, and maybe this film isn't the "norm" for many folks here, but if you go in with an open mind, you will likely be richly rewarded... plus, it's hilarious.

For those of you who have already seen the movie, here are two clips that work as touchstones for thinking about (my) recovery:

Wicked Little Town -- Hedwig
Wicked Little Town - YouTube

[The fates are vicious and they're cruel
You learn too late you've used two wishes like a fool
And then you're someone you are not
And Junction City ain't the spot
Remember Mrs. Lot and when she turned around]

Wicked Little Town -- Tommy Gnosis
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Wicked Little Town (reprise) - YouTube

['Cause with all the changes
you've been through
It seems the stranger's always you.
Alone again in some new
Wicked little town.]


I wanted to share these things because I'm noticing a difference -- a type of rebirth that's been years in the making. My addict companion has been only the messenger for a much deeper call for change that I've been avoiding since my adolescence.

I'm starting to be happy again.
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Thanks for sharing. I find messages of recovery in a lot of music and movies so I'll take time to watch the film you suggested.

I remember earlier in my recovery finding a great connection to The Wizard of Oz. I had watched that movie soooo many times as I was growing up. But in relation to my own recovery, I realized that I didn't need to go through much of the heartache I had experienced because, just like Dorothy, I had my own pair of ruby slippers the whole time....I just didn't know it and didn't know how to use them. There were some things within my control all along.

gentle hugs
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You're welcome, Kindeyes -- your posts have always been helpful to me, so it would be gratifying if I could give something back.... I want to reiterate that the film is certainly not typical Hollywood fare and it's a wild ride, but the message of healing from one's past and the struggle to be whole runs throughout.
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