An update...

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An update...

I have been NC with my incarcerated EXABF for a little while now. I did have to break my NC because I received a letter from him saying he would stop by my house when he is released to see my kids. I almost didn't even open his letter, but I'm glad I did. I quickly wrote him back and in no uncertain terms told him that he better not show up at my house for any reason!! I said I would not answer the door and I would call the police!! I am not dealing with any foolishness from him. I have no doubt that he will go straight back to using drugs once released and I will not subject myself, my children, nor my home to any drama or confusion of an unpredictable addict. As far as I know he is due to be released as early as next week. I have some clothes of his and his certificates, but I contacted his brother so he can come and get his stuff this week so he will have no excuse to contact me. Hopefully, he will not try anything when he is released...
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Make sure he knows his brother has his clothes. Give him no excuse to stop in at your place. NC is good but you need to be proactive in esatablishing your boundaries, and sometimes that requires that you break NC.
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Taking5...In the last letter I wrote him where I told him I would call the police if he came to my house I told him that I am giving his clothes and certificates to his brother. You're right, I want him to have no reason to contact me! Thank you for responding!!!
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