wish me luck :)

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wish me luck :)

I'm hoping and praying today is the day I get into a house! This will help my life tremendisly and I won't have to sleep w my belongings anymore to prevent missing items. I'm only 20 yrs old and nobody should have to do that. my other half and I have dicussed our living situation but I'm pretty sure he was just making excuses and he's not ready for rehab. We live w his gparents now and have for bout a yr now and I've told him numerious times wen me and zay (my wonderful baby boy) get into a house he IS NOT welcome there untill he gets treatment on his OWN or if he's serious then I will help him get treatment and do everything I can but I'm not going to wast my time again if there's just false hope. And his excuse has been I'm not going to treatment untill u and my boy r in a house and I know ur safe. So its a 50/50 well c wat happends. I'm just trying to better myself and "let go" by the way that poem is awsome. And we've been at the end of our rope so long now like wen he sold my flat screen for $50 F-ING dollars that's wen I was just like I am sooo done. He sayd he 'broke it' and u couldn't tell it was broke so he got ride of it. Like I would have much rather came home to a broken tv bunch of bs anyways. And like if ur gunna steal my FING money at least leave my wallet so I have my licence and can buy some freakin smokes wen u upsett me.....just venting. Is this the right place to post this stuff? And were do I post like MY story at?? Thanks for listening guys
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This is the right place and GOOD LUCK. I really hope you find a place for you and your son. No one should have to live with someone who is using, lying, and stealing, and certainly not a baby! It sounds like you are setting boundaries about your new place in advance, which is great.

If you go back to the general forum page you will see, above friends and family forums, where there are forums for drug addiction and alcohol. There are tons of different forums listed, so you just need to find those that are right for you.
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Good luck! Hope you get the house you are hoping for!
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